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Java 9 has six weeks to live
Java 9 is obsolete in just six weeks. What? You haven't upgraded yet? Well, Java 10 is only going to last six months before it is obsolete t...
05-02-2018 15:19:21 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Java SE 9 - JPMS automatic modules
This article in my series on the Java Platform Module System (JPMS) is focussed on automatic modules. JPMS was previously known as Project J...
09-05-2017 09:38:33 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Java SE 9 - JPMS modules are not artifacts
This is the next article in a series I'm writing to help make sense of the Java Platform Module System (JPMS) in Java SE 9. JPMS was develop...
24-04-2017 10:49:50 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Java SE 9 - JPMS module naming
The Java Platform Module System (JPMS) is soon to arrive, developed as Project Jigsaw. This article follows the introduction and looks at ho...
20-04-2017 16:47:02 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Java 9 modules - JPMS basics
The Java Platform Module System (JPMS) is the major new feature of Java SE 9. In this article, I will introduce it, leaving most of my opini...
17-04-2017 07:54:49 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Java Time (JSR-310) enhancements in Java SE 9
The java.time.* API (JSR-310) was added to Java SE 8, but what has been going on since then? Java Time in Java SE 9 There are currently 117 ...
07-02-2017 16:37:58 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Code generating beans - mutable and immutable
Java has long suffered from the pain of beans. To declare a simple data class takes far too much code. At JavaOne 2016, I talked about code ...
26-09-2016 04:13:26 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Private methods in interfaces in Java 9
Java SE 9 is slowly moving towards the finishing line. One new feature is private methods on interfaces. Private methods on interfaces in Ja...
20-09-2016 08:45:07 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Var and val in Java?
Should local variable type inference be added to Java? This is the question being pondered right now by the Java language team. Local Variab...
26-03-2016 02:06:14 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners
Explicit receiver parameters
I discovered that Java 8 has a language feature I'd never heard of before today! Explicit receiver parameters Consider a simple method in Ja...
22-12-2015 06:50:20 joda time (stephen colebournes) Beginners

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