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The Importance of Writing Stuff Down
I'm watching the latest JEP Caf video from my colleague Jos Paumard, where he talks about the Comparator interface. One of the things you ca...
23-02-2023 07:07:08 Stuart Marks Advanced
Why Write an Empty finalize() Method?
Now that JEP 421 (Deprecate Finalization for Removal) has been delivered in JDK 18, it seems like more people are talking about finalization...
28-04-2022 06:42:26 Stuart Marks Advanced
Incompatibilities with JDK 15 CharSequence.isEmpty
A new default method CharSequence.isEmpty() was added in the just-released JDK 15. This broke the Eclipse Collections project. Fortunately, ...
23-09-2020 07:12:17 Stuart Marks Advanced
Bill Shannon (1955-2020)
I was saddened to hear news of Bill Shannon's recent passing. He joined Sun very early, as employee number 11, soon after Sun's founding in ...
03-07-2020 06:34:57 Stuart Marks Advanced
Scanner is a Weird but Useful Beast
The other day on Twitter I said, "Scanner is a weird beast. I wouldn't necessarily use it as a good example for anything." The context was a...
15-04-2020 02:48:37 Stuart Marks Advanced
Oracle Code One 2019
Here's a quick summary of Oracle Code One 2019, which was last week. It essentially started the previous week at the "Chinascaria", Steve Ch...
28-09-2019 01:29:47 Stuart Marks Advanced
Jakarta EE and Removal of Deprecated APIs
It was recently announced that Jakarta EE will not be allowed to evolve APIs in the javax.* namespace. (See Mike Milinkovich's announcement ...
24-05-2019 03:38:16 Stuart Marks Advanced
JavaOne 2017: BOF on Software Maintenance
This is a very belated post that covers a session that took place at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, October 2017. Here's a recap o...
11-05-2019 01:34:21 Stuart Marks Advanced
Processing Large Files in Java
Last week, Paige Niedringhaus posted an article Using Java to Read Really, Really Large Files. While one can quibble about whether the file ...
12-01-2019 03:29:45 Stuart Marks Advanced
Oracle Code One 2018
Oracle Code One 2018 was the week before last. Overall I thought it was a good conference, though I was a bit sad to see the retirement of t...
05-11-2018 19:14:59 Stuart Marks Advanced

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