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Devoxx Antwerp 2016 Recap
Now that Devoxx US is imminent, it's about time for me to post about Devoxx BE 2016, which took place in November 2016 in Antwerp. That was ...
19-03-2017 05:52:55 Stuart Marks Advanced
vJUG24 Session on Optional
I just finished a vJUG24 session entitled Optional: The Mother of All Bikesheds. Here's the slide deck: PDF
28-09-2016 06:48:32 Stuart Marks Advanced
JavaOne 2016 Sessions
Here are links to the JavaOne pages, slide decks, and videos for the sessions I presented at JavaOne 2016. Collections Refueled conference p...
23-09-2016 19:43:07 Stuart Marks Advanced
There is no such thing as a fail-safe Iterator in Java
Occasionally I see mention of a "fail-safe" Iterator in Java. What does this mean? The context here is what happens when a collection is mod...
27-07-2016 19:19:09 Stuart Marks Advanced
A "European" Evening in California
My family and I spent an evening strolling around after dinner at Santana Row in San Jose last night. Santana Row is fairly new shopping mal...
19-06-2016 20:43:24 Stuart Marks Advanced
Some Java List Benchmarks
This is mainly a reply to a Twitter conversation I ve been having with Ken Fogel, regarding the performance of various List implementations....
27-12-2015 05:26:00 Stuart Marks Advanced

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