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vJUG24 Session on Optional
I just finished a vJUG24 session entitled Optional: The Mother of All Bikesheds. Here's the slide deck: PDF
28-09-2016 06:48:32 Stuart Marks Advanced
JavaOne 2016 Sessions
Here are links to the JavaOne pages, slide decks, and videos for the sessions I presented at JavaOne 2016. Collections Refueled conference p...
23-09-2016 19:43:07 Stuart Marks Advanced
There is no such thing as a fail-safe Iterator in Java
Occasionally I see mention of a "fail-safe" Iterator in Java. What does this mean? The context here is what happens when a collection is mod...
27-07-2016 19:19:09 Stuart Marks Advanced
A "European" Evening in California
My family and I spent an evening strolling around after dinner at Santana Row in San Jose last night. Santana Row is fairly new shopping mal...
19-06-2016 20:43:24 Stuart Marks Advanced
Some Java List Benchmarks
This is mainly a reply to a Twitter conversation I ve been having with Ken Fogel, regarding the performance of various List implementations....
27-12-2015 05:26:00 Stuart Marks Advanced

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