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Strangler Pattern: How to Keep Sane With Legacy Monolith Applications
What's a Strangler Pattern, how does it translates to a Strangler Application and how it all connects to microservices? When we say legacy c...
26-04-2018 17:46:25 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Java Logging Exposed: The One Thing High Performing Teams Do Differently
Do your logs make sense to human beings or are they mostly noise? We analyzed 779,236 logging statements across the most starred Java projec...
22-04-2018 12:05:34 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
JVM Architecture 101: Get to Know Your Virtual Machine
A beginner's crash course in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) architecture and Java bytecode 101 Java applications are all around us, they're on o...
18-04-2018 11:07:03 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
APM, Logs and BI: What You Don't See With These 3 Aspects of Application Monitoring
The quest towards a complete monitoring dashboard is peaking, and your tools want to help you achieve it During the last few months, we've t...
12-04-2018 15:55:34 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Why I Deleted My IDE; and How It Changed My Life For the Better
Everything you need to know if you decide to delete your IDE About 3 years ago, I made a big change in the way that I write code. It occurre...
04-04-2018 11:44:42 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
How Long Does it Take the World's Largest Organizations to Close Support Tickets?
Production errors get in the way of great customer experience, whether they're reporting the bugs to you or to all of their friends via Twit...
29-03-2018 11:10:40 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Watch Now: Java Logging Anti-Patterns – 7 Things Developers Should Avoid
Logs that show how code executes are an ideal thing, but closing tickets as "Could Not Reproduce" is a real thing. Sometimes knowing what NO...
28-03-2018 13:02:30 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
New eBook: The Ultimate Guide to the Future of the Java Platform
Your secret weapon to keeping up with everything that's new in the Java platform New eBook! The Ultimate Guide to the Future of the #Java Pl...
22-03-2018 15:41:43 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Java 11 Will Include More Than Just Features
What are the upcoming features in Java 11, and how will it be different from Java 9 and 10? Java 10 might be the new kid on the block, but i...
15-03-2018 20:10:28 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
If You're Planning to Write Java Code in 2020 – Here Are the Top 5 Predictions You Can't Afford to Miss
There's no better time to start planning for 2020 and make sure your application is ready for the upcoming changes and trends. Welcome to th...
08-03-2018 21:54:00 OverOps (takipi) Advanced

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