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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Coming: Your Holiday Survival Kit
The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, are you ready to handle the masses? Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the beginning...
21-11-2017 12:32:44 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Grafana vs. Kibana: How to Get the Most Out of Your Data Visualization
A closer look at two popular data visualization tools and tips for choosing the best option for you Despite similar sounding names, Kibana a...
15-11-2017 17:08:25 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
How Spending Too Much Time on Debugging Will Get You in Trouble
Are you and your company suffering from the side effects of spending too much time on debugging tasks? We asked some of the engineering team...
14-11-2017 17:35:23 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
#qconsf 2017 Highlights: 10 Talks That You Don't Want to Miss
Still looking for one or two talks to add to your schedule? We're highlighting some great #qconsf talks right here! Conference season may be...
07-11-2017 18:32:56 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
New eBook: The Complete Guide to Automated Root Cause Analysis
A guide to getting started with Automated Root Cause analysis We spend our nights here at OverOps dreaming of a fully-automated world. It mi...
06-11-2017 19:21:31 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
The One Thing That Is Repeatedly Breaking Your CI/CD Workflow
What's the missing link in a complete CI/CD toolchain and how can you add it to your workflow? Companies and teams want to move fast. This i...
02-11-2017 18:52:25 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Jenkins vs Travis CI vs Circle CI vs TeamCity vs Codeship vs GitLab CI vs Bamboo
Why should you use a tool for your CI/CD workflow, and which one is the right tool for you? More and more engineering teams are adopting agi...
24-10-2017 19:48:35 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Video: How Comcast Automates Deployments to Serve over 10 Million XFINITY Customers
How does Comcast automate deployments without compromising the reliability of the X1 Platform for XFINITY TV? One of the latest movements in...
19-10-2017 19:08:30 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
5 Ways Developers Waste More Than 20% of Their Work Week
We looked into the most time-consuming tasks for developers. It turns out, more than 25% of their time, on average, is spent troubleshooting...
18-10-2017 19:40:57 OverOps (takipi) Advanced
Meaningful Alerts: 7 Must-Have Ingredients to Prevent a Production Crisis
What's the ultimate alerting strategy to make sure your alerts are meaningful and not just noise? Production monitoring is critical for your...
12-10-2017 22:49:28 OverOps (takipi) Advanced

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