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Can Abstract Class have a Constructor in Java?
Yes. Abstract classes can also have constructors just like any other normal class. The advantage of declaring a constructor within an abstra...
13-08-2021 20:18:54 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
Why the main method is public static void in Java?
If you have started learning Java and wondering why we have to type public static void for the main method, we've got you covered. In this p...
08-07-2021 23:40:31 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
Is Constructor Overriding Runtime Polymorphism in Java?
No, constructor overriding is not possible in Java, so whether it is runtime polymorphism or not is out of question. If you override a metho...
15-05-2021 19:01:06 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
Instance Variable vs Reference Variable in Java
In this post we'll discuss the differences between Instance Variable and Reference Variable in Java, understand them with an example. In a n...
12-05-2021 22:16:34 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
C Program to Find Max and Min in 3D Array
In this example, we'll write a C program to find maximum and minimum elements in a 3D array. Initially we've defined a 3 dimensional array w...
11-05-2021 11:46:08 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
Substring Based on a Character in Java
String class provides us with powerful String processing methods, out of those, substring is one. In this example, we'll look into examples ...
11-05-2021 04:53:13 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
Private Final Variable in Java
A variable which is declared as private is not accessible outside of the class. That means you cannot access that private variable using a r...
09-05-2021 19:34:30 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
Fix java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError in Eclipse
Usually people who've installed Eclipse newly receive this error. Let us understand the meaning of this Error. This error gets thrown when J...
04-05-2021 19:28:43 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
Integer methods getInteger vs parseInt vs valueOf with Examples
Integer class has three methods called as getInteger, parseInt and valueOf. Each of these methods solve a specific purpose. In this post, we...
03-05-2021 21:40:10 Tech Stack Journal Beginners
Fix Error: int Cannot Be Dereferenced
If you are getting "int cannot be dereferenced" error, it means that you are attempting to call a method or an attribute on a int type value...
03-05-2021 12:14:02 Tech Stack Journal Beginners

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