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Tracing With Logback and Honeycomb
I've written a logback appender that uses the Honeycomb Event API. It's pretty great! I don't recommend using this as your primary means of ...
23-08-2019 05:47:31 Terse Systems Advanced
Triggering Diagnostic Logging on Exception
I want to give a shout out to @mimsytipsy for all the nice words on Twitter. There's been some great discussions and it's lovely to see. TL;...
29-07-2019 06:15:07 Terse Systems Advanced
Targeted Diagnostic Logging in Production
Diagnostic logging is typically not available in production, because of concerns that debug logging is indiscriminate. This blog post shows ...
23-07-2019 04:29:39 Terse Systems Advanced
Targeted Logging With TurboFilters
Logback has the idea of turbo filters, which are filters that determine whether a logging event should be created or not. They are not appen...
15-07-2019 06:24:55 Terse Systems Advanced
How to Log an Exception, Part 2
In the last post, I wrote about how to log an exception, and said: The correct place to put this would be a custom converter, but I don't fe...
07-07-2019 01:25:42 Terse Systems Advanced
How to Log an Exception
I know I said I'd work on logging APIs this week but I'm still cleaning up some code before it's ready to present. So this is an interlude p...
30-06-2019 21:31:50 Terse Systems Advanced
Application Logging in Java: Putting it all together
I demo a project that uses all the techniques set up previously to show a Logback environment that can be used without modification in diffe...
24-06-2019 05:30:33 Terse Systems Advanced
Application Logging in Java: Filters
Filters are used to determine whether an appender should log an event or not. Many loggers will log at INFO level far too often, and cause e...
16-06-2019 00:44:17 Terse Systems Advanced
Application Logging in Java: Tracing 3rd Party Code
Tracing is a well known part of SLF4J, and tracing code in logs can be very useful in debugging. However, not all code is written with traci...
13-06-2019 05:13:17 Terse Systems Advanced
Application Logging in Java: Encoders
This is part of the series of blog posts: Application Logging in Java: Creating a Logging Framework Application Logging in Java: Adding Conf...
10-06-2019 07:30:26 Terse Systems Advanced

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