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Adding Scala 3 Support to Blindsight
I just released Blindsight 1.5.2 with Scala 3 support. Scala 3, aka Dotty is still very new, and there are some wrinkles involved in setting...
19-07-2021 18:29:42 Terse Systems Advanced
Debugging and Observing Your Scala Code
It's the calm after the storm. After a year working on logging and observability things, I gave a talk at Scalacon 2021 about debugging and ...
07-06-2021 07:14:29 Terse Systems Advanced
Dynamic Logging with Conditions
This is going to be a quick blog post about dynamic logging - changing the logging behavior of the application while it's still running with...
02-05-2021 19:49:46 Terse Systems Advanced
Semantic Logging with JSON-LD
I've implemented JSON-LD binding in Blindsight. I think that JSON-LD is a better logging format than raw JSON, because it solves some existi...
28-02-2021 04:44:09 Terse Systems Advanced
Queryable Logging with Blacklite
I've published a logging appender called Blacklite that writes logging events to SQLite databases. It has good throughput and low latency, a...
27-11-2020 08:27:24 Terse Systems Advanced
Benchmarking Logging With JDK 14
The last blog post talked lots about Logging vs Memory with an emphasis on memory allocation, and discussed some possible improvements. Howe...
24-08-2020 06:50:59 Terse Systems Advanced
Listening to JVM Metrics With JavaSound
This is going to be a fairly short post. Logging vs Memory was about tracking performance in Blindsight, and measuring the stress that loggi...
19-07-2020 23:46:19 Terse Systems Advanced
Logging vs Memory
I've been continuing to work on Blindsight, focusing on performance, cleaning up some of the internals, and adding some new features like st...
10-07-2020 07:37:21 Terse Systems Advanced
Why I Wrote A Logging Library
I've released Blindsight 1.0.0. Blindsight is a Scala logging API that is based around structured logging, fluent logging, semantic logging,...
27-05-2020 05:01:39 Terse Systems Advanced
A Diagnostic Logging Showcase
I've talked about logging with ring buffers before, in Triggering Diagnostic Logging on Exception. The basic idea is that you log DEBUG and ...
15-03-2020 22:50:33 Terse Systems Advanced

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