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Security in Scala: Using Object Capabilities
I presented Security in Scala at Scaladays NYC last Wednesday, and showed off ocaps, a small library of macros and utility classes for worki...
25-06-2018 22:08:51 Terse Systems Advanced
Upgrading to Octopress 3
I thought it might be useful to show how I set up the blog with Octopress 3 as Daniel Westhinde expressed an interest. Octopress was a reall...
10-06-2018 18:01:32 Terse Systems Advanced
Redefining java.lang.System with Byte Buddy
The previous post talked about using Java's SecurityManager to prevent attackers from gaining access to sensitive resources. This is complic...
19-01-2016 20:56:20 Terse Systems Advanced
Sandbox Experiment
TL;DR: Most implementations using SecurityManager as a sandbox mechanism can be circumvented. Either declare a security policy as a system p...
30-12-2015 02:12:15 Terse Systems Advanced
Closing the Open Door of Java Object Serialization
TL;DR This is a long blog post, so please read carefully and all the way through before you come up with objections as to why it s not so se...
23-12-2015 20:54:27 Terse Systems Advanced
The Right Way to Use SecureRandom
How do you generate a secure random number in JDK 1.8? It depends. The default: 1 2 3 SecureRandom random = new SecureRandom(); byte[] value...
23-12-2015 14:09:26 Terse Systems Advanced
An Easy Way to Secure Java Applications
One of the things that stands out in the Java Serialization exploit is that once a server side Java application is compromised, the next ste...
23-12-2015 07:52:43 Terse Systems Advanced

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