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Dynamic Logback and Migrating Logback-Showcase
I did a couple of small projects over the holidays while drinking coquito, so here they are. TL;DR I made a very smol dynamic logging projec...
04-01-2023 17:47:27 Terse Systems Advanced
Using Scalafix to Refactor Logging
Problem: you want to use Echopraxia structured logging in your Scala application, but you already have an existing body of logging statement...
19-11-2022 01:33:58 Terse Systems Advanced
Latency and Throughput With Logback
I've been working with Logback for a while now, and one of the things that stands out is how people will talk about "fast" or "performant" l...
17-10-2022 04:59:58 Terse Systems Advanced
Adding Echopraxia to Akka
I released echopraxia-plusakka, a library that integrates Echopraxia with Akka's component system, which also resulted in adding a "direct" ...
03-10-2022 00:30:57 Terse Systems Advanced
What Scala adds to a Logging API
I released echopraxia-plusscala last week - it's a Scala API for structured logging that co-exists peacefully with Logback or Log4J 2, for a...
11-07-2022 07:52:03 Terse Systems Advanced
The Case For Logging
This blog post is written in response to Sebastian Daschner's blog post The Case Against Logging, which I saw from Markus's tweet. Although ...
13-06-2022 04:13:33 Terse Systems Advanced
Dynamic Debug Logging and Echopraxia Improvements
I made a proof of concept using Docker Compose showing dynamic debug logging in the cloud using a structured logging framework. I have examp...
10-04-2022 02:19:36 Terse Systems Advanced
Echopraxia, a Better Java Logging API
I pushed the 1.0.0 artifacts for Echopraxia, and here's a Spring Boot Example. Echopraxia is a Java logging API like SLF4J, but built around...
02-01-2022 23:41:17 Terse Systems Advanced
Why I Go to a Virtual Reality Gym
For the past month or so, I've been going to Blackbox VR, a virtual reality gym in San Francisco. If you're a gamer, you're probably wonderi...
20-11-2021 06:58:19 Terse Systems Advanced
Conditional Distributed Tracing
Somewhat delayed post, but I presented Conditional Distributed Tracing at ollycon in June. This is a rough transcript of the slides and idea...
29-08-2021 05:33:48 Terse Systems Advanced

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