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Java EE 8 - June recap
The last few weeks were fruitful in term of progress for Java EE 8! Here is a short recap covering some of the main news... JSON-B (JSR 367)...
10-07-2017 18:39:51 the aquarium Advanced
GlassFish Docker Images - Update
p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } We have updated the docker image for GlassFish available in DockerHub. Please find...
04-07-2017 19:00:33 the aquarium Advanced
Java EE 8 - May recap
Here is a short recap covering some recent Java EE 8 updates. In May, JSON-P 1.1 (JSR 374) has passed its Final Approval Ballot. Next to thi...
07-06-2017 12:20:09 the aquarium Advanced
GlassFish 5 Promoted Build 7
This week's promoted GlassFish build b07 is available here. We don't have any component updates to call out for this week, but bulk of the c...
29-05-2017 16:28:22 the aquarium Advanced
GlassFish 5 Promoted Build 6
We had to pause GlassFish promotions process for few weeks due to migration. The nightly builds have been available again shortly a...
22-05-2017 13:38:37 the aquarium Advanced
Java EE 8 - April recap
With a few days delay, here is a short recap of some the April news related to Java EE 8. First an important update regarding that ...
16-05-2017 09:50:23 the aquarium Advanced
An update on GlassFish 5
The Reference Implementation is a critical piece of any given JSR, this is even more true for Java EE. As the different Java EE 8 JSRs conti...
13-05-2017 07:16:39 the aquarium Advanced
Additional details on GlassFish 5 Promoted Build 3
As we are progressing on Java EE 8, GlassFish has started to see activity in the recent months. After stabilizing the nightly builds of Glas...
13-05-2017 01:04:59 the aquarium Advanced
GlassFish 4.1.2 Released
GlassFish 4.1.2 is the latest update release of GlassFish 4.x line, the Java EE 7 Reference Implementation. GF 4.1.2 supercedes 4.1.1 (Java ...
12-05-2017 19:03:57 the aquarium Advanced
Java EE 8 - March recap
Here's a quick recap of some of the recent Java EE 8 news. JSF 2.3 (JSR 372) is now final! You can check the Release Notes and download the ...
12-05-2017 13:01:00 the aquarium Advanced

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