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Additional details on GlassFish 5 Promoted Build 3
As we are progressing on Java EE 8, GlassFish has started to see activity in the recent months. After stabilizing the nightly builds of Glas...
20-03-2017 16:33:01 the aquarium Advanced
An update on GlassFish 5
The Reference Implementation is a critical piece of any given JSR, this is even more true for Java EE. As the different Java EE 8 JSRs conti...
14-03-2017 22:21:54 the aquarium Advanced
Java EE 8 - February recap
February is the shortest month of the year but it was nevertheless not a quiet month for Java EE 8! Here is a short recap of some recent act...
28-02-2017 16:51:01 the aquarium Advanced
Java EE 8 @ Devoxx United States
The first American installment of Devoxx is fast approaching. In addition to the different sessions covering Java EE 8, multiple Specificati...
13-02-2017 16:42:10 the aquarium Advanced
Java EE 8 - January recap
January was a busy for month for Java EE 8, here is a short recap of some of the activities that have occurred recently. JSF 2.3 , JSON-P 1....
01-02-2017 19:04:41 the aquarium Advanced
JSON-P 1.1 (JSR 374) in Public Review
JSON-P 1.1 (JSR 374) has just entered an important period, i.e. Public Review. The Public Review is the last expected JCP milestone before t...
18-01-2017 19:23:46 the aquarium Advanced
Java EE 8 - Community Survey Results and Next Steps
Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the Java EE Community Survey! 1693 of you completed the survey, and ranked the importance o...
21-12-2016 19:24:09 the aquarium Advanced
A quick update on Java EE
Oracle is notifying the Java Community that it will withdraw the JSRs for Management 2.0 (JSR 373), and JMS 2.1 (JSR 368). In response to co...
28-11-2016 14:09:38 the aquarium Advanced
Developers Continue to Affirm Strong Support for Java EE 7
Some of you might recall last year in the JavaOne time frame we highlighted a key DZone survey showing strong developer support for Java EE ...
02-03-2016 19:44:26 the aquarium Advanced
Self-Documented Services Using JAX-RS Analyzer
One of the things I miss the most about SOAP is the fact that much like Java, it is strongly typed. That means one can take a look at a WSDL...
02-03-2016 00:59:16 the aquarium Advanced

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