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Coding conventions
PrefaceThe video version of this article can be found on YouTube in English, Russian and Hebrew. The presentation is available here. Introdu...
16-10-2021 16:50:19 AlexR (The programmer's notes) Beginners
Youtube channel
I've created my youtube channel named "The programmer's notes" exactly as this blog. I am going to post videos about various aspects of the ...
23-08-2021 09:45:15 AlexR (The programmer's notes) Beginners
Java By Comparison: the book review
Recently I had a pleasure to read book "Java By Comparison" by Simon Harrer, J rg Lenhard and Linus Deitz. This book plays the role of a men...
17-03-2019 15:27:34 AlexR (The programmer's notes) Beginners
New life of old Visitor design pattern
Introduction Visitor [1, 2] is a widely known classical design pattern. There are a lot of resources that explain it in details. Without dig...
04-03-2019 19:41:08 AlexR (The programmer's notes) Beginners
Two ways to extend enum functionality
PrefaceIn my previous article I explai ned how and why to use enums instead of switch/case control structure in Java code. Here I will show ...
13-02-2019 20:33:35 AlexR (The programmer's notes) Beginners
Featured enum instead of switch
Problem and its solutionSwitch/case is the common control structure implemented in most imperative programming languages. Switch is consider...
13-02-2019 08:25:21 AlexR (The programmer's notes) Beginners
Syntax highlighting
I have written a lot of blog posts that contain code snippets in several programming languages (mostly Java). I separated each code snippet ...
02-02-2019 21:40:49 AlexR (The programmer's notes) Beginners

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