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Java 8 StringJoiner - Old Wine With New Bottle
Ultimately Java 8 shipped with StringJoiner class under java.util package. I don't think it is very different implementation to join the str...
06-07-2016 08:25:08 the server side Advanced
Ignore Checked Exceptions, All the Cool Devs Are Doing It - Based on 600,000 Java Projects
An overview of exception handling in over 600,000 Java projects on Github and Sourceforge
06-07-2016 02:17:09 the server side Advanced
Nagios Tutorial for IT Monitoring
In this ebook, we provide a compilation of Nagios tutorials that will help you set up your own monitoring infrastructure. We cover a wide ra...
05-07-2016 19:02:55 the server side Advanced
Introduction to Apache Flink - 4G of Big Data
In this tutorial we will discuss about the introduction to Apache Flink, What is Flink, Why and where to use Flink. This Flink tutorial will...
05-07-2016 12:45:34 the server side Advanced
Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) - Part II
This article reviews the foundational AWS technologies that you need to be familiar with to effectively manage and understand ECS.
05-07-2016 06:10:18 the server side Advanced
Yes, the gender gap is still an issue but there are solutions
We're halfway through 2016 and gender gap in the tech field remains to be an issue. But how much has improved? Realistically, we're a long w...
05-07-2016 00:09:48 the server side Advanced
The Top 100 Clojure Libraries in 2016 - After Analyzing 30,000+ Dependencies
What are the top Clojure libraries used by projects on Github? Based on analyzing over 30,000 leiningen dependencies
16-06-2016 02:39:33 the server side Advanced
Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) - Part I
Before we begin exploring ECS, there are several key Amazon Web Services (AWS) that you need to be familiar with. This article reviews those...
15-06-2016 20:08:44 the server side Advanced
CUBA Platform - an open source Java framework for rapid application development
Traditionally, since the very beginning of the computing era, enterprise software development has faced one challenge when, naturally, it is...
15-06-2016 14:07:54 the server side Advanced
The first steps of understanding mobile security
As mobility increases productivity in a fast-paced society, it's important to understand security threats that come along with it. How stron...
15-06-2016 08:07:15 the server side Advanced

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