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Deploy Machine Learning Models with Spark
For last few months, I have been working on a side project of mine to develop machine learning application on streaming data. It was a great...
24-07-2018 06:32:28 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
PyCharm for Machine Learning
Hi all, till now, we have used spyder for writing small programs. However, when we create end to and applications, PyCharm is a hugely popul...
17-07-2018 13:26:30 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
Image Classification Using CNN
Hello all! welcome to another tutorial of deep learning. In previous tutorial we learnt the process of convolutional neural networks. In thi...
13-05-2018 19:04:19 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
Convolutional Neural Networks
In previous articles we started learning about deep learning. We also learnt artificial neural networks which deals with the neural networks...
12-05-2018 11:16:03 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
Linear Discriminant Analysis using Python
Hello all, till now, we have learned about pca technique. Now, we will learn about linear discriminant analysis using python. Linear Discrim...
30-04-2018 16:41:14 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
Principal Component Analysis using Python
Hello all, till now, we have learned about many machine learning models. Now, we will learn about some feature extraction techniques. In thi...
30-04-2018 05:30:20 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
artificial neural network using keras
We have been learning about neural networks for a last few articles and now we have come to final step. We will create a simple artificial n...
22-04-2018 10:50:04 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
Introduction to Deep Learning
Hello all, till now, we have learned about various machine learning concepts like regression and classification. We applied some regressors ...
18-04-2018 04:59:06 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
How do neural networks learn?
We have already learned about neurons and neural networks . Neural networks improve accuracy of predictions, but how do they do it? How do n...
17-04-2018 22:49:02 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners
Artificial Neural Networks
Hello all, welcome to another tutorial on machine learning. We learned about the role of a neuron in deep learning. In this article, we will...
17-04-2018 16:40:23 thejavageek (Prasad Kharkar) Beginners

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