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Basics of Kubernetes Volumes – Part 1
We continue our "Kubernetes in a Nutshell" journey and this part will cover Kubernetes Volumes! You will learn about: Overview of Volumes an...
24-09-2019 16:25:12 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Using Azure Disk to add persistent storage for your Kubernetes apps on Azure
In this blog post, we will look at an example of how to use Azure Disk as a storage medium for your apps deployed to Azure Kubernetes Servic...
23-09-2019 15:11:11 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
"Kubernetes in a Nutshell" — blog series
This series is going to cover the "breadth" of Kubernetes and the core/fundamental topics. It will be done in a practical way where you get ...
21-09-2019 06:26:33 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Deep dive into Kubernetes components required to run stateful Kafka Streams applications
Happy to get feedback via @abhi_tweeter or just drop a comment! One of the previous blogs was about building a stateless stream processing a...
20-09-2019 15:38:48 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
How to configure your Kubernetes apps using the ConfigMap object?
"Separation of configuration from code" is one of the tenets of the 12-factor applications. We externalize things which can change and this ...
18-09-2019 16:54:23 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Tutorial: Develop a Kafka Streams application for data processing and deploy it to Kubernetes
This tutorial will guide you through how to build a stateless stream processing application using the Kafka Streams library and run it in a ...
16-09-2019 18:19:41 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
How to quickly test connectivity to your Azure Event Hubs for Kafka cluster, without writing any code
You have a shiny new Kafka enabled broker on Azure Event Hubs and want to quickly test it out without writing cumbersome client (producer an...
13-09-2019 14:49:06 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
How to get your Kubernetes cluster service principal and use it to access other Azure services?
So, you have a Kubernetes cluster on Azure (AKS) which needs to access other Azure services like Azure Container Registry (ACR)? You can use...
13-09-2019 05:45:11 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Stateless apps in Kubernetes — beyond Pods
Hello Kubernauts! Welcome to the "Kubernetes in a nutshell" blog series This is the first part which will cover native Kubernetes primitives...
09-09-2019 19:46:59 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Code walkthrough for "funcy" – a Serverless Slack app using Azure Functions
In the previous blog, we explored how to deploy a serverless backend for a Slack slash command on to Azure Functions As promised, it's time ...
07-09-2019 17:52:45 Thinking in Java EE Advanced

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