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Handling ‘state' in Java WebSocket applications
By and large, there are two kinds of states in a WebSocket application User/client specific: related to a connected user/Session e.g. user I...
27-04-2017 14:51:08 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Using CDI with Java EE Concurrency Utilities
This blog post explores usage of CDI along with Java EE Concurrency Utilities specifically using CDI beans as managed tasks. Here is the sam...
20-04-2017 14:22:58 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Trending Meetup groups with Redis and Java EE
This is an application which displays the currently trending Meetup groups based on their (live) RSVPs feed. It's built using Java EE 7 (use...
20-03-2017 20:05:47 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Github: WebSocket applications…
I recently pushed a couple of WebSocket samples to Github. Both are based around the notion of a chat service a canonical WebSocket example!...
02-03-2017 15:46:19 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Quick tip: managing Stateful EJBs in WebSocket endpoints
@Stateful EJBs can be injected in WebSocket endpoints (supported by the WebSocket specification). There is an one-to-one association between...
28-02-2017 15:30:59 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
WebSocket endpoint as Singleton EJB
By default a WebSocket implementation creates a new (server) endpoint instance per client. In case you need a single instance, you can imple...
14-02-2017 14:25:51 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
New release: Java WebSocket API handbook
Happy to announce the initial release of the Java WebSocket API handbook. This is still a work in progress but moving at a strady pace. You ...
24-01-2017 14:51:31 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Microservices messaging on Oracle Cloud using Apache Kafka
Here is a blog I posted on the Oracle Cloud Developer Solutions portal. This is the first of a two-part series which shows asynchronous mess...
09-01-2017 15:20:30 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
(eBook) ‘REST assured with JAX-RS' now available on Gitbook
You can now read REST assured with JAX-RS online on Gitbook, or grab the PDF from Leanpub.. Happy reading!
20-12-2016 19:57:54 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Using Asynchronous timeouts in the Java WebSocket API
Sending messages in an asynchronous manner avoid blocking the sending thread. This is a great where your solution needs to scale in order to...
06-12-2016 14:36:45 Thinking in Java EE Advanced

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