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WebSocket endpoint as Singleton EJB
By default a WebSocket implementation creates a new (server) endpoint instance per client. In case you need a single instance, you can imple...
14-02-2017 14:25:51 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
New release: Java WebSocket API handbook
Happy to announce the initial release of the Java WebSocket API handbook. This is still a work in progress but moving at a strady pace. You ...
24-01-2017 14:51:31 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Microservices messaging on Oracle Cloud using Apache Kafka
Here is a blog I posted on the Oracle Cloud Developer Solutions portal. This is the first of a two-part series which shows asynchronous mess...
09-01-2017 15:20:30 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
(eBook) ‘REST assured with JAX-RS' now available on Gitbook
You can now read REST assured with JAX-RS online on Gitbook, or grab the PDF from Leanpub.. Happy reading!
20-12-2016 19:57:54 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Using Asynchronous timeouts in the Java WebSocket API
Sending messages in an asynchronous manner avoid blocking the sending thread. This is a great where your solution needs to scale in order to...
06-12-2016 14:36:45 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Started a new blog: Simply Distributed
Hello readers! Happy to announce that I have recently initiated another blog Simply Distributed. Some things to note about the blog it will ...
01-12-2016 10:16:48 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Dynamic provider registration in JAX-RS
The DynamicFeature class in JAX-RS (2.0) allows you to register providers Dynamically i.e. without any pre-defined binding strategy (e.g. an...
24-11-2016 15:35:52 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
WebSocket and CDI integration.. again..
In one of my older blog posts, I had written about what does not work as far as WebSocket and CDI integration within the Java EE Platform ;-...
18-11-2016 15:01:04 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Leveraging ‘Service Bindings' in Oracle Application Container Cloud
Don't forget to check out my new blog post on the Oracle Cloud Developer solutions community portal ! It demonstrates usage of Oracle Applic...
14-11-2016 14:41:21 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Configuring WebSocket server endpoints
WebSocket Server endpoint configuration Before we dive into the details, here is a quick snapshot of the related interfaces Class/Interface ...
03-11-2016 15:14:57 Thinking in Java EE Advanced

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