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CDI (2.0) Async Events
Glassfish 5 builds for Java EE 8 are rolling along here is another Docker based example on Github. This time it's asynchronous events in CDI...
10-06-2017 20:47:35 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Java EE + Debezium
I just published a post Debezium test drive. It uses Kafka and Java EE check it out if this interests you Cheers!
09-06-2017 13:08:17 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Glassfish 5: JAX-RS SSE quickstart
Latest Glassfish 5 build 08 was announced today which includes JAX-RS 2.1 (JSR 370) integration. I am fond of Server Sent Events (SSE), so l...
07-06-2017 21:56:51 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Validate JAX-RS query parameters
It's easy to validate parameters in JAX-RS using filters ContainerRequestFilter to be specific. There are other options at your disposal e.g...
07-06-2017 14:37:38 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Accessing HTTP Session in WebSocket endpoint
It's possible to obtain a reference to the HttpSession within a WebSocket application using a custom implementation of ServerEndpointConfig....
03-06-2017 16:13:34 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
kafEEne #2: Kafka & Concurrency Utilities
Yet another blog post of the kafEEne series this time, its Java EE Concurrency Utilities in action along with Kafka. As usual, the code is o...
01-06-2017 16:46:56 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Consume from Kafka topics using Message Driven Beans
Thanks to the recently released Payara Kafka Connector, you can now consume messages from Kafka using Message Driven Beans! Here is a Docker...
30-05-2017 15:16:55 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
kafEEne #1: Websocket & Kafka
Say hello to kafEEne ! A blog series which will show Kafka and Java EE examples This one is about Kafka + (Java EE) Websocket API. Code is o...
22-05-2017 13:32:01 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Redis CDI example….
Here is an example of a CDI producer for Redis using the Jedis (Java) client for Redis. Check out the project README to get this up and runn...
12-05-2017 17:42:44 Thinking in Java EE Advanced
Handling ‘state' in Java WebSocket applications
By and large, there are two kinds of states in a WebSocket application User/client specific: related to a connected user/Session e.g. user I...
27-04-2017 14:51:08 Thinking in Java EE Advanced

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