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Java and the Open Source ecosystem security
The post Java and the Open Source ecosystem security appeared first on Tomitribe.
26-01-2023 15:36:48 Tomitribe Advanced
Apache TomEE MicroProfile 5.0 certified
Last year, we announced Apache TomEE as a certified Jakarta EE 9.1 server (See blog post). The season favors gifts and good news, so I thoug...
04-01-2023 14:05:34 Tomitribe Advanced
How to increase ActiveMQ logging in 5 minutes
Introduction By default, ActiveMQ uses slf4j as an abstraction facade for various logging frameworks. Log4j is the default framework provide...
06-10-2022 18:06:05 Tomitribe Advanced
ActiveMQ Time Stamp Plugin
Introduction This article is a quick tip for ActiveMQ users, and introduces the Time Stamp Plugin. Common support queries we get with Active...
11-08-2022 20:39:33 Tomitribe Advanced
JWT authentication and authorization with Apache ActiveMQ
Apache ActiveMQ is a well known and very flexible message broker. As such, it fully embraced the AAA model (Authentication, Authorization, A...
26-05-2022 14:37:27 Tomitribe Advanced
Apache ActiveMQ Failover with a SQL Database
ActiveMQ is often a critical component in Enterprise systems, and therefore High Availability (HA) is a "must have" in order to meet product...
05-05-2022 16:21:33 Tomitribe Advanced
CVE-2021-44228 – Log4Shell Vulnerability
Introduction If you've been following tech news over the last couple of days, you'll very likely have heard about CVE-2021-44228, or "Log4Sh...
13-12-2021 14:40:21 Tomitribe Advanced
How to use Tibco EMS in TomEE?
Tomitribe is part of the expert group for the upcoming JMS 3.0 and provides ActiveMQ and Apache TomEE enterprise support for many organizati...
23-11-2021 15:16:07 Tomitribe Advanced
7 recomendaciones para migrar tus aplicaciones a Jakarta EE utilizando Apache TomEE – JakartaOne Spanish
JakartaOne Hispano 2021, se llev a cabo el pasado 1 de Octubre del 2021, en esta segunda edici n, JakartaOne Hispano 2020, las comunidades d...
19-10-2021 13:08:39 Tomitribe Advanced
Custom Identity Store with Jakarta Security in TomEE
In the previous post, we saw how to use the built-in 'tomcat-users.xml' identity store with Apache TomEE. While this identity store is inher...
30-09-2021 13:49:37 Tomitribe Advanced

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