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Code Club: The Next Generation of Coders
Introduction to Code Club Following on from my Ignite talk at Devoxx UK 2016, I want to introduce Code Club and share my experiences as a vo...
28-07-2016 18:18:09 Tomitribe Advanced
"I do not hate Apache Maven"
I recently had an opportunity to hold a few talks at DevoxxUK. This one went down as a treat, so I'd like to share a little depth in this qu...
30-06-2016 11:48:32 Tomitribe Advanced
MicroProfile: Optimizing Enterprise Java for a Microservices architecture
Today we are announcing a new collaboration called the MicroProfile. Together with Red Hat, IBM, Payara, the LJC and all who will join us, w...
27-06-2016 20:08:51 Tomitribe Advanced
My CREST Journey to Open Source Contribution
I have been contributing to open source software (OSS) projects in my life as a programmer and as a result I have gained a better understand...
16-06-2016 18:47:57 Tomitribe Advanced
QCon São Paulo 2016
A few members of the Tribe Amelia Eiras, Daniel Cunha, David Blevins and Thiago Veronezi enjoyed attending QCon S o Paulo 2016 & the sharing...
06-05-2016 01:02:26 Tomitribe Advanced
JUG-DA Meetup: Not only a Lesson in Java Technology
Intro What a great week of Java. First there was the community driven conference of JavaLand in the theme park Phantasialand in Br hl near C...
22-04-2016 18:03:12 Tomitribe Advanced
Developing Batch Applications with TomEE
Java developers have recognized the need for batch applications a really long time ago, but have had to get by with non-standard approaches ...
24-03-2016 21:45:56 Tomitribe Advanced
Javaland 2016 – A Triber Report
Last week, I visited the JavaLand conference at Br hl in the Phantasialand amusement park. Going to JavaLand for the third time and JavaLand...
16-03-2016 16:30:14 Tomitribe Advanced
Getting Started with TomEE
If you just heard about TomEE and want to know more, then you've come to the right place. This post will guide you on how to start using Tom...
10-03-2016 16:20:20 Tomitribe Advanced
10 Years of Jfokus
Last week, the Tenth edition of Jfokus took place in sunny Stockholm, Sweden (really, believe me it was sunny). The conference was three day...
19-02-2016 19:05:04 Tomitribe Advanced

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