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Spring Primary On Beans of a Class
We may not need the Spring Primary annotation on Beans of the same class, primarily when we use the @Bean annotation. When we have Java The ...
22-01-2023 16:01:01 turreta Advanced
Spring Framework Minimum Dependency for IoC
Nowadays, most of us use Spring Boot, and we tend to skip the basics of the Spring Framework. Even those new to Spring would not The post Sp...
20-01-2023 20:14:41 turreta Advanced
Getting Familiar With Java TreeSet With Examples
The Java TreeSet is a good choice when our codes, for example, do a lot of frequent read-and-write operations. It is a derivation of a The p...
06-11-2022 09:09:07 turreta Advanced
Spring MVC PathVariable Annotation
Sometimes we want to send values to our web application as the path of the URL (or URI) path. For example, /tenants/123 where value 123 The ...
05-11-2022 19:28:08 turreta Advanced
Spring Boot JPA – Stored Procedure With Select Statement
Sometimes we need to reuse stored procedures when moving to Spring Boot JPA/ORM because they still serve their purpose. We wouldn't want to ...
31-10-2022 16:13:27 turreta Advanced
When to use the Java var keyword?
Have you worked on Java 8 for too long that you've forgotten about the newer versions of Java? That may still be the case for The post When ...
30-10-2022 13:59:10 turreta Advanced
Quickly Create a Spring Boot JDBC Application
We can create a Spring Boot application that uses JDBC as quickly as making its JPA variant without hassle. But no doubt, JDBC applications ...
30-10-2022 06:32:56 turreta Advanced
Quickly Create a Spring Boot JPA Application
Creating a new Spring Boot application that uses JPA is easy, straightforward, and does not involve complex configuration of any kind. You m...
29-10-2022 20:20:24 turreta Advanced
Mock Method To Return Different Values in Mockito
This post shows how to mock a method that returns unique values for different arguments in Mockito. For example, the return values vary acco...
09-03-2022 18:30:43 turreta Advanced
JSqlServerBulkInsert with Spring JDBC Connection is Closed
When we use JSqlServerBulkInsert, we explicitly need to provide a database connection from the pool to bulk insert data even in Spring JDBC....
27-02-2022 18:39:00 turreta Advanced

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