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Java 8 Convert Stream values to Map
This post demonstrates how to convert a stream of objects to a Map object using Collectors.toMap(...) methods. Continue Reading The post Jav...
14-07-2018 09:24:19 turreta Advanced
Kotlin – Validate XML against XSDs
This post is about XML validation against more than one related XSDs - one XSD is included into the main XSD. Continue Reading The post Kotl...
24-06-2018 10:36:48 turreta Advanced
Java – Block main thread until another Thread completes
Given a simple Java application with a Thread object, we want to block the main thread until the Thread object completes its execution. The ...
16-06-2018 15:46:52 turreta Advanced
Very Slow XML Validation against XSDs with and elements
This post demonstrates that XML validation against XSDs with is very very very slow especially for very huge list of elements, e.g., 300,000...
07-06-2018 22:19:25 turreta Advanced
The fastest way to resolve Android Studio "No JVM Installation Found…" error
The fastest way to resolve the Android Studio "No JVM Installation Found. Please install a 64-bit JDK..." without creating the JAVA_HOME env...
02-06-2018 15:58:30 turreta Advanced
DbUnit – Truncate all Tables in MySQL before Data are loaded via @DatabaseSetup
This post is about truncating all tables in a MySQL database before DbUnit loads data via @DatabaseSetup. Doing it in @Before method does no...
24-05-2018 22:18:18 turreta Advanced
Kotlin – SOAP Web Service Client
This post is demonstrates how to consume a SOAP Web Service in Kotlin. Continue Reading The post Kotlin SOAP Web Service Client appeared fir...
09-05-2018 12:02:35 turreta Advanced
Spring Boot – How to unit test RESTful API URLs
This post demonstrates how to unit test RESTful API URLs using Spring Boot 1.5.10RELEASE. We basically just want to ensure the list of URLs ...
10-03-2018 17:44:09 turreta Advanced
Log Unencrypted SoapFault Messages in Apache CXF
This post demonstrates how to log unencrypted SoapFault messages in client applications when WS-Security is in used specially encryption and...
16-02-2018 07:55:06 turreta Advanced
Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam Preparation
Are you targeting for Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification? This post provides one of many ways to prepare for the...
21-01-2018 20:25:12 turreta Advanced

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