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Java Null Pointer Exception Processing With Try-Catch
In Java, we can handle exceptional events using the try-catch. But not all exceptions are the same. Java Null Pointer Exception processing r...
09-09-2020 07:20:51 turreta Advanced
Spring Dependency Injection Examples Without Spring Boot
The Spring Framework has come a long way. Nowadays, it is way easier to start a Java project with the Spring Framework using Spring Boot. In...
03-09-2020 15:58:41 turreta Advanced
Create Java Project Using Maven in Command Line
This post shows how to create a Java project with Apache Maven in the command line. The content may be old, and a myriad of people may alrea...
02-09-2020 15:22:28 turreta Advanced
Java Primitives in The Object-Oriented Programing World
Java primitives are predefined basic data types that exist in the Java programming language. We do not need to create them as we would with ...
16-08-2020 05:35:31 turreta Advanced
Java Classes And Access Modifiers – Review
Java classes, along with its variables and methods, can use access modifiers [crayon-5f2ad18570d589874 01422-i/], [crayon-5f2ad18570d628014 ...
05-08-2020 17:34:29 turreta Advanced
Compare Dates In Java That Are Of Different Date Types
As of Java 8, there are at least three different types of dates available for developers. As a result, the usage of these various types of d...
26-07-2020 13:34:24 turreta Advanced
Java Object And Its Properties And Behaviors
We write codes that create Java objects from Java classes. These can have properties and behaviors. Properties are data with names; while, b...
25-07-2020 20:23:00 turreta Advanced
Java Classes – The Blueprints And Building Blocks
In How To Write Your First Java Program, we installed an IDE and wrote a basic Java program. We also learned about the essential components ...
25-07-2020 13:44:23 turreta Advanced
How To Write Your First Java Program
How to write your first Java program? If you're starting out learning Java, this probably is the first question you'd ask yourself. But befo...
24-07-2020 19:09:48 turreta Advanced
Oracle JDK8 on Windows 10: Installation
This post demonstrates how to install Oracle JDK8 on Windows 10. Download JDK8 From Oracle First, go to and search for "Java JDK 8". Then, c...
22-07-2020 22:39:33 turreta Advanced

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