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Parse Command-line Parameters with Apache Commons CLI
The Apache Common CLI library provides an API for parsing command line parameters passed to command-line programs in various familiar option...
19-10-2017 19:08:28 turreta Advanced
IBM Bluemix, Cloud Foundry, DevOps, and Spring Boot
In this post, we'll show how to build, and deploy Spring Boot applications in IBM Bluemix using DevOps, Continue Reading The post IBM Bluemi...
11-10-2017 15:54:20 turreta Advanced
Java – Using Amazon Simple Queue Service (AWS SQS)
This post is about using Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) in Java with Eclipse and AWS Toolkit Plugin. It also demonstrates how to create q...
04-10-2017 15:24:30 turreta Advanced
Import Maven Remote Archetype Catalogs in IntelliJ IDEA
This post demonstrates how to import Maven Remote Archetype Catalogs in IntelliJ IDEA to use archetypes that are not readily available out-o...
02-10-2017 15:04:24 turreta Advanced
Proper implementation of Singleton Pattern in Java
This post demonstrates the proper implementation of Singleton Pattern in Java. Most of us would apply Singleton Pattern in the most convenie...
29-09-2017 15:36:38 turreta Advanced
Continuous Integration with GitHub and Jenkins in Red Hat, and AWS EC2
This post demonstrates how to setup a Continuous Integration environment using Jenkins to build codes checked in in Our Jenkins ...
28-09-2017 15:34:53 turreta Advanced
Java – Sort an Enum type by its properties
When we sort an array or collection of Enum types, the sort order is based on the natural order. Continue Reading The post Java Sort an Enum...
27-09-2017 16:06:10 turreta Advanced
Java – Closing JDBC Database Resources with try-with-resources
This post demonstrates how to use try-with-resources to close JDBC database resources in this order - ResultSet, Statement, and Connection. ...
26-09-2017 15:47:18 turreta Advanced
Java – Working with
The (File class for short) is a "bridge" between Java and the Operating System to read from and write to files. It can represen...
25-09-2017 15:49:00 turreta Advanced
Reuse Unit Tests by Converting them to Parameterized Tests
This post demonstrates how to reuse our unit tests with JUnit Parameterized. Let's say, we have a JUnit test class that tests for, for examp...
13-09-2017 03:22:13 turreta Advanced

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