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Spring Boot Asynchronous Controller Without External Queues
This post shows how to create an asynchronous web controller or endpoint in Spring Boot (or Spring in general). The codes won't use external...
22-05-2021 09:10:58 turreta Advanced
Spring Boot Consul Service Discovery And Client Example
This post shows how to use Spring Boot Service Discovery with Consul. We'll have two Spring Boot applications. One application registers its...
25-04-2021 09:19:28 turreta Advanced
2 – Why You Should Learn Programming With Java
In the early 90s, Sun Microsystems developed and released the Java programming language. It is a general-purpose and high-level language tha...
22-04-2021 11:40:52 turreta Advanced
Micronaut Client-Side Load Balancing Example In Java
This post shows how to use client-side load balancing in Micronaut with Netflix Ribbon. There'll be a client application accessing the same ...
26-03-2021 12:59:48 turreta Advanced
Micronaut Consul Service Discovery Example In Java
Previously, we had an application that reads a property from a distributed configuration. This post shows how to use Micronaut with the Cons...
24-03-2021 19:29:54 turreta Advanced
Micronaut Consul Distributed Configuration Example In Java
When we start to build something based on Microservice design, we'd inevitably need a distributed configuration for our applications. Having...
22-03-2021 16:33:46 turreta Advanced
Android Dagger2 greenDAO ORM With Service And DAO Layers
This post shows how to create a sample Android app that uses Dagger2 and greenDAO ORM. The codes are also organized in service and DAO layer...
18-03-2021 19:31:44 turreta Advanced
Android greenDAO ORM For SQLite Example
This post shows how to use greenDAO ORM for SQLite in Android using a demo app. We start with a simple Android project in the Android Studio...
12-03-2021 19:25:16 turreta Advanced
Java Null Pointer Exception Processing With Try-Catch
In Java, we can handle exceptional events using the try-catch. But not all exceptions are the same. Java Null Pointer Exception processing r...
09-09-2020 07:20:51 turreta Advanced
Spring Dependency Injection Examples Without Spring Boot
The Spring Framework has come a long way. Nowadays, it is way easier to start a Java project with the Spring Framework using Spring Boot. In...
03-09-2020 15:58:41 turreta Advanced

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