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Micronaut Client-Side Load Balancing Example In Java
This post shows how to use client-side load balancing in Micronaut with Netflix Ribbon. There'll be a client application accessing the same ...
26-03-2021 12:59:48 turreta Advanced
Micronaut Consul Service Discovery Example In Java
Previously, we had an application that reads a property from a distributed configuration. This post shows how to use Micronaut with the Cons...
24-03-2021 19:29:54 turreta Advanced
Micronaut Consul Distributed Configuration Example In Java
When we start to build something based on Microservice design, we'd inevitably need a distributed configuration for our applications. Having...
22-03-2021 16:33:46 turreta Advanced
Android Dagger2 greenDAO ORM With Service And DAO Layers
This post shows how to create a sample Android app that uses Dagger2 and greenDAO ORM. The codes are also organized in service and DAO layer...
18-03-2021 19:31:44 turreta Advanced
Android greenDAO ORM For SQLite Example
This post shows how to use greenDAO ORM for SQLite in Android using a demo app. We start with a simple Android project in the Android Studio...
12-03-2021 19:25:16 turreta Advanced
Java Null Pointer Exception Processing With Try-Catch
In Java, we can handle exceptional events using the try-catch. But not all exceptions are the same. Java Null Pointer Exception processing r...
09-09-2020 07:20:51 turreta Advanced
Spring Dependency Injection Examples Without Spring Boot
The Spring Framework has come a long way. Nowadays, it is way easier to start a Java project with the Spring Framework using Spring Boot. In...
03-09-2020 15:58:41 turreta Advanced
Create Java Project Using Maven in Command Line
This post shows how to create a Java project with Apache Maven in the command line. The content may be old, and a myriad of people may alrea...
02-09-2020 15:22:28 turreta Advanced
Java Primitives in The Object-Oriented Programing World
Java primitives are predefined basic data types that exist in the Java programming language. We do not need to create them as we would with ...
16-08-2020 05:35:31 turreta Advanced
Java Classes And Access Modifiers – Review
Java classes, along with its variables and methods, can use access modifiers [crayon-5f2ad18570d589874 01422-i/], [crayon-5f2ad18570d628014 ...
05-08-2020 17:34:29 turreta Advanced

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