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TDD Doesn't Work
TDD Doesn't work. It doesn't? That's odd. I've always found it to work quite well. Not according to a new study. Another study? Yeah, an in-...
10-11-2016 22:18:16 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Dijkstra's Algorithm
I was at SCNA the other day, and someone approached me about TDD and Dijkstra's algorithm. He wondered if you could find a sequence of tests...
28-10-2016 23:30:50 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
The Lurn
It has often been said (by me) that a professional software developer never stops learning. The Progmatic Programmer book said it this way (...
01-09-2016 19:38:47 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
The Churn
Did you year about the guy who said goodbye to OO? Oh no. Not another one. What did he say? He described all the promises of OO, and how non...
27-07-2016 19:15:04 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Mutation Testing
At XP2016 I attended an open-space demonstration of mutation testing. In particular, an open source tool for the Java space named pitest. I ...
10-06-2016 21:08:19 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Blue. No! Yellow!
What language was used to write the very first programs for the very first stored-program computer? Binary machine language, of course. Why?...
21-05-2016 18:48:53 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Type Wars
My son, Justin, and I have begun a new video series on investigating mobile apps using swift. Learning swift has been an int...
01-05-2016 17:50:45 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Giving Up on TDD
Did you read Ian Sommerville's recent blog about TDD? You mean the one where he says that he tried it for a few months and then gave up? Yes...
19-03-2016 15:19:23 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Warning: Possible sexual abuse triggers. One of my regular bike-riding podcasts is Astronomy Cast, by Dr. Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain. Indeed...
18-01-2016 19:11:02 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Stabilization Phases
While sipping my morning coffee, and scrolling through facebook on my phone, I found myself inundated with updates by Tesla owners who were ...
14-01-2016 20:11:45 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing

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