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First-Class Tests.
I believe it may be my fate to find blogs written by people who have fallen prey to unfortunate disciplines that have led them to give up on...
05-05-2017 21:17:31 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Is Dr. Calvin in the Room?
I saw Grady's tweet today, and I read the article it referenced; and it got me to thinking. Is the training of a neural net a kind of progra...
17-03-2017 00:15:27 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Symmetry Breaking
Imagine that you are an accountant. You are responsible for manipulating arcane symbols, concepts, and procedures in order to create deeply ...
08-03-2017 16:10:36 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Testing Like the TSA
I was very glad to read in DHH's recent post that he is actually still using TDD. I'm glad he has realized that TDD is not, in fact, dead. T...
06-03-2017 23:45:10 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
TDD Harms Architecture
The idea that TDD damages design and architecture is not new. DHH suggested as much several years ago with his notion of Test Induced Design...
03-03-2017 19:26:18 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Necessary Comments
It is well known that I prefer code that has few comments. I code by the principle that good code does not require many comments. Indeed, I ...
24-02-2017 01:25:49 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Types and Tests
Friday the 13th! The response to my Dark Path blog has been entertaining. It has ranged from effusive agreement to categorical disagreement....
13-01-2017 22:47:33 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
The Dark Path
Over the last few months I've dabbled in two new languages. Swift and Kotlin. These two languages have a number of similarities. Indeed, the...
11-01-2017 18:56:40 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
TDD Lesson - Terrain Generation
Have you ever wondered how the terrain in games like Minecraft is generated? There's an old algorithm called the Diamond-Square Algorithm th...
09-01-2017 23:54:15 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
TDD Doesn't Work
TDD Doesn't work. It doesn't? That's odd. I've always found it to work quite well. Not according to a new study. Another study? Yeah, an in-...
10-11-2016 22:18:16 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing

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