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Necessary Comments
It is well known that I prefer code that has few comments. I code by the principle that good code does not require many comments. Indeed, I ...
24-02-2017 01:25:49 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Types and Tests
Friday the 13th! The response to my Dark Path blog has been entertaining. It has ranged from effusive agreement to categorical disagreement....
13-01-2017 22:47:33 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
The Dark Path
Over the last few months I've dabbled in two new languages. Swift and Kotlin. These two languages have a number of similarities. Indeed, the...
11-01-2017 18:56:40 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
TDD Lesson - Terrain Generation
Have you ever wondered how the terrain in games like Minecraft is generated? There's an old algorithm called the Diamond-Square Algorithm th...
09-01-2017 23:54:15 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
TDD Doesn't Work
TDD Doesn't work. It doesn't? That's odd. I've always found it to work quite well. Not according to a new study. Another study? Yeah, an in-...
10-11-2016 22:18:16 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Dijkstra's Algorithm
I was at SCNA the other day, and someone approached me about TDD and Dijkstra's algorithm. He wondered if you could find a sequence of tests...
28-10-2016 23:30:50 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
The Lurn
It has often been said (by me) that a professional software developer never stops learning. The Progmatic Programmer book said it this way (...
01-09-2016 19:38:47 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
The Churn
Did you year about the guy who said goodbye to OO? Oh no. Not another one. What did he say? He described all the promises of OO, and how non...
27-07-2016 19:15:04 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Mutation Testing
At XP2016 I attended an open-space demonstration of mutation testing. In particular, an open source tool for the Java space named pitest. I ...
10-06-2016 21:08:19 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing
Blue. No! Yellow!
What language was used to write the very first programs for the very first stored-program computer? Binary machine language, of course. Why?...
21-05-2016 18:48:53 Uncle Bob (Robert Martin) Agile & Testing

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