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Hot-deploy your code - keep focus on your work
Time is money. Something that I still don't get is that many Java developers spend a lot of it (time and money) while waiting to see their l...
17-05-2022 19:53:54 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin joins Foojay advisory board
Java is at the core of everything we do at Vaadin. Since 2001, we've been building tools that help developers and companies using Java build...
12-05-2022 16:30:10 vaadin Advanced
It's time for hardware multi-factor authentication
Proper use of multi-factor authentication could stop most of the cyberattacks we see today, yet adoption remains low. Good security is usual...
11-05-2022 16:57:26 vaadin Advanced
Turo Italia enabled real-time collaboration for their CRM
A new version of Turo Italia's Customer Resource Management (or CRM) system was released at the end of 2021. Built with Vaadin 14, it enable...
03-05-2022 17:26:48 vaadin Advanced
Does my business app need collaborative features to be 'modern'?
This is a question we (don't really) get from time to time, but one which I'm sure goes through our users' minds whenever we talk about Coll...
28-04-2022 16:14:50 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Roadmap 2022
Last Thursday, together with Leif strand from our product management, we held a webinar about our roadmap. The idea for the webinar was spar...
26-04-2022 15:27:09 vaadin Advanced
How we guide our enterprise customers throughout their modernization journey
From first contact to final project Every customer journey is unique, of course, but there are many aspects that apply to most projects. In ...
21-04-2022 14:52:18 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin apps as native executables using Quarkus Native
JVM is a monster - in a good way. Its architecture and especially the super-optimized just-in-time-compiler (JIT) help Java byte-code apps t...
20-04-2022 15:49:47 vaadin Advanced
It's time to move your applications to Vaadin 23
Vaadin 23, our latest stable release, ships with many cool features and improvements. If your applications are still on Vaadin 14 or earlier...
12-04-2022 08:55:20 vaadin Advanced
Meet us at DevNexus, JFokus, Devoxx UK and more in 2022
After two years of canceled, in-person conferences and events due to the pandemic, we are excited to announce that we'll finally be hitting ...
08-04-2022 19:15:11 vaadin Advanced

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