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Adding charts to Polymer 2 apps
We're happy to announce the release of Vaadin Charts 5 with support for Polymer 2! Vaadin Charts offers a range of custom elements for data ...
16-08-2017 12:23:02 vaadin Advanced
Mission RIP Table: Migrate to Grid! - Intro
Vaadin Grid was announced over two years ago, and since then it has evolved with many new features and enhancements. If this wasn't enough k...
15-08-2017 15:48:39 vaadin Advanced
How to build a Progressive Web Application with Polymer 2
Building a Progressive Web App can be daunting. There are a tons of videos, articles, and online courses about PWAs, but it's hard to know h...
01-08-2017 22:28:35 vaadin Advanced
Community Spotlight - July 2017
A key element in any successful open-source project is its community. In the case of Vaadin, the community collaborates mostly by asking and...
31-07-2017 13:34:02 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Framework 8.1 is now stable
I'm pleased to announce that Vaadin Framework 8.1 is now declared as stable. As discussed earlier, it brings the much awaited component supp...
25-07-2017 11:52:07 vaadin Advanced
Making Prime Better with Training
In March, 2017 Vaadin introduced Prime, our new subscription plan. Customers are now upgrading their old support contracts and enjoying the ...
20-07-2017 13:26:16 vaadin Advanced
Upgrading to Vaadin Framework 8 (Part 2 of 2)
In the previous part of this blog, I talked about the most important steps to get your project to compile with the latest Framework version....
11-07-2017 17:22:59 vaadin Advanced
Time to get responsive, Vaadin Board for Java is out!
Today the Vaadin Pro team is happy to introduce Vaadin Board for Java. It is a Vaadin component for creating flexible responsive layouts ver...
06-07-2017 10:16:09 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Elements end of June update
Last month, in time for the Polymer 2 release, we announced pre-releases of all our Core Elements with Polymer 2 support. We're happy to say...
05-07-2017 12:05:33 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Designer 1.4 and 2.2 released
The Designer team is pleased to announce the availability of the Designer 2.2 for Framework 8 and Designer 1.4 for Framework 7 for Eclipse a...
04-07-2017 14:46:46 vaadin Advanced

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