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Web performance webinar with Tracy Lee
We kicked off this year with a webinar presentation on improving web application performance by Tracy Lee. Continue reading for the highligh...
19-01-2021 19:59:07 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Challenge: Get certified and win a Vaadin t-shirt
All Vaadin video training courses and certifications are now free In the past, access to our video training courses and certifications was i...
15-01-2021 15:40:28 vaadin Advanced
Using Vaadin 14 with Liferay - what works, what doesn't?
Liferay has advocated strongly for OSGi lately. And we have lagged behind with this. Our plan was to look into Liferay support for Vaadin 14...
14-01-2021 17:06:49 vaadin Advanced
Performance testing a Vaadin application: Part 4 Gatling
Gatling is a free, open-source performance testing tool. It was first released 2012 and has since gained in popularity. In addition to its f...
12-01-2021 15:53:23 vaadin Advanced
Polymer 3 templates and the modernization to LitElement
There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the new Vaadin client-side model based on LitElement that was introduced in Vaadin 15 and is ...
07-01-2021 13:10:38 vaadin Advanced
Re-introducing OSGi support for npm-based Flow projects
Vaadin has been a popular UI technology for OSGi-based Java solutions for years. Many OSGi users are still on Vaadin 7 or 8. Last year their...
05-01-2021 12:41:37 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Community Channels and Social Media
Hola! I'm Luis and I'm the new Community Advocate at Vaadin. I thought I should use this chance to introduce myself, as I'll be behind a lot...
29-12-2020 15:46:59 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin's 2020 highlights and plans for next year
Although 2020 has been a trying year, it hasn't been all bad. Let's have a look at some of the Vaadin highlights for the year, along with a ...
22-12-2020 16:36:10 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin online training courses and certifications are now free
To end 2020 on a positive note, we are happy to announce a free gift for all Vaadin developers. We are unlocking all our online training cou...
17-12-2020 12:58:59 vaadin Advanced
Migrating Client RIA Business Applications to Web with Vaadin
The lights are going out on all plugin-based Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with the end of Adobe Flash on December 31 2020, and the end o...
16-12-2020 14:17:07 vaadin Advanced

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