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Create a new responsive web app fast with the Business App starter
Vaadin Business app starter running as an installed app on desktop Today, we are launching a new application starter for building responsive...
23-04-2019 15:55:41 vaadin Advanced
The right approach for your application modernization
Are you thinking about how to approach your legacy application modernization project? If yes, you are not the only one. Gartner has been inv...
11-04-2019 17:28:34 vaadin Advanced
What does Vaadin 7 End of Life mean for your app?
Last week, we released Vaadin 7.7.17, the last public release of Vaadin 7.x. This means that 6 years and 1 month after the initial Vaadin 7,...
01-04-2019 18:28:59 vaadin Advanced
How to Deploy Your Java App to the Cloud
So you are done testing your Java application and are satisfied with the results on your local computer. Or maybe you are still evaluating i...
21-03-2019 15:32:10 vaadin Advanced
The right ?speed of transition? in application migration: lessons learned from digital transformation
You've probably guessed companies today are spending billions on digital transformation projects. If you're wondering about the precise numb...
18-03-2019 16:31:13 vaadin Advanced
[DRAFT] What is Grid Pro and what is happening to the free Grid?
We recently released Vaadin 13. One of the new components in the new platform version is Vaadin Grid Pro. It's the first release of the comm...
12-03-2019 13:57:22 vaadin Advanced
Improve Usability and Front-End Implementation with UX Tuning
Because modern business web apps need to respond to the needs of many different stakeholders, ensuring a great user experience has become es...
07-03-2019 15:35:43 vaadin Advanced
Progressive Web Apps, Open Source community, and legendary parties ahead at DevNexus 2019
Next week it's time to kick off the 2019 conference season with DevNexus conference in Atlanta, USA. I go to a lot of conference and events ...
28-02-2019 05:34:55 vaadin Advanced
Writing extensions to Open Source projects
Many open source projects are rigorous on what they want to include in the project. It can be tough to convince the project lead of a new fe...
19-02-2019 13:07:58 vaadin Advanced
Introducing Vaadin Labs
Introducing Vaadin Labs - an outlet for experiments and crazy features ?The best way to predict the future is to invent it? - Alan Kay, 1971...
15-02-2019 10:28:16 vaadin Advanced

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