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SessionScope vs. VaadinSessionScope - Which one should you use?
Dependency injection is magic, some say. It is magic, especially if you don't understand what is happening behind the scenes. Vaadin develop...
02-02-2023 15:23:49 vaadin Advanced
Consuming GraphQL APIs from Java applications
GraphQL has become a common alternative to REST as a way to provide data to modern web applications. They both solve the same problem, but G...
31-01-2023 14:43:30 vaadin Advanced
Don't let deep linking code clutter your UI logic
I recently did an exercise to clean up one of the most used view templates in the tool, the MasterDetailView. I implemented...
24-01-2023 18:02:14 vaadin Advanced
Passkeys - Secure authentication in 2023
Last spring we published a multifactor demo, showing how MFA could be seamlessly integrated into an application to create a smooth experienc...
18-01-2023 00:23:18 vaadin Advanced
Session Replication in Vaadin: What's new?
Session Replication is a recurrent topic when talking about high availability. As mentioned in a previous article by Leif strand, Session Re...
17-01-2023 16:46:33 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin TestBench: How to stabilize tests in slow environments
Vaadin TestBench is an awesome tool for creating integration tests for your application, but it's not immune to the problems caused by gener...
11-01-2023 17:23:48 vaadin Advanced
Performance profiling: Rendering 90k table cells in 5 different ways
I met a customer at W-JAX who had a performance issue with one of their screens. They were rendering a huge 90-column and around 1000-row Tr...
10-01-2023 17:39:12 vaadin Advanced
How we enabled MFA, passkey, and passwordless using the Webauthn API
With the WebAuthn API, it is now possible to perform strong multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) on mobile and desktop browsers in a standa...
04-01-2023 15:50:22 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Office Hours - Your live Vaadin FAQ
Have you heard of the Vaadin Office Hours? We have regularly organized live Q&A sessions for all Vaadin users over the past couple of months...
28-12-2022 15:50:53 vaadin Advanced

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