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Anastasia solves everyday problems with her team - it was love at first sight with Vaadin <3
Sometimes things just click. Anastasia is studying for a Master's degree in Information Technology at the University of Turku and at the end...
12-01-2017 11:10:20 vaadin Advanced
Announcing new Vaadin Elements: vaadin-split-layout and vaadin-context-menu
Vaadin Elements has just launched and as two new freely available elements to our existing four. Vaadin Elements is a set of open source bus...
11-01-2017 21:36:15 vaadin Advanced
Why it's faster to use Vaadin Designer than write Java
I've always been against WYSIWYG editors since the early days of Windows GUI design tools, because I felt that with those tools developing g...
10-01-2017 09:46:46 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Designer 1.2 with responsive templates
Vaadin Designer 1.2 comes with powerful new responsive design templates. With the new templates creating responsive application views is eas...
02-01-2017 17:40:13 vaadin Advanced
Community Spotlight - December 2016
Time for another episode of Vaadin Community Spotlight. This time I had the opportunity to talk with ngel Mart nez. ngel Mart nez has a BSc ...
02-01-2017 11:32:44 vaadin Advanced
2016 Recap
That's it folks. We are ready to move this year into the "Done" column. I guess we are all eager to jump ahead to 2017 already, but let's ta...
29-12-2016 13:42:38 vaadin Advanced
TestBench 4.2 is out with new convenience methods
TestBench 4.2 brings you a very nice improvement for screenshot testing, a few convenience methods, easier configuration of parallel testing...
21-12-2016 13:13:07 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin 8 beta is out - we need your help!
I'm happy to announce that the first beta version of the next major Vaadin Framework release is out. As discussed earlier, version 8 is a hu...
20-12-2016 12:44:02 vaadin Advanced
Microservices and Vaadin UIs
If you have been following the web development industry in the last years, there's a good chance that you have at least heard about microser...
15-12-2016 13:50:38 vaadin Advanced
GitHub transition: completed
Like the most active of you have already noticed, Vaadin has been moving its open source functions to GitHub. Today, we can finally say we a...
12-12-2016 13:24:32 vaadin Advanced

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