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Desktop UIs will stay alive thanks to Web Technologies
What is wrong with Java Desktop technologies? To understand what?s wrong with Java Desktop apps, let's take a look at the new features of Ja...
16-01-2018 15:03:17 vaadin Advanced
Community Answer: Implementing a Side Menu with View Navigation
This week?s answer is inspired by a direct question I found on YouTube: Using Vaadin Framework 8.2, I was able to quickly implement a simple...
15-01-2018 12:20:41 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Framework 8.3 coming up
The first beta release of Vaadin 8.3 is out. As we are now getting into the ?release train mode,? this comes quite soon after the recent 8.2...
12-01-2018 16:34:56 vaadin Advanced
Get to Know Vaadiners
Vaadin provides developer tools, components, and services for building modern web applications, but who are the people behind Vaadin? Who pr...
12-01-2018 10:17:37 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin 2017 wrap up
We are already full throttle in 2018, but still wanted to briefly look back how we made it through 2017. And as far as all the events, confe...
08-01-2018 14:34:30 vaadin Advanced
Community Answer: Clickable images in Grid components
I learned something new while investigating the problem described in this question on It turns out, you can add click lis...
05-01-2018 09:28:48 vaadin Advanced
The best looking UIs built with Vaadin
There are over 150 000 developers building awesome business applications with Vaadin for making their end-users' lives easier ? but what do ...
04-01-2018 14:53:04 vaadin Advanced
Using default DataSource to simplify the development and deployment of a Java EE application
Most servers these days, even when not applying a microservice architecture, host just one application. And most new applications connect to...
02-01-2018 13:44:33 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin Framework 8.2 is out!
I?m pleased to announce that Vaadin Framework 8.2 is now declared stable. The release contains a bunch of enhancements to Binder, Navigator ...
22-12-2017 13:47:17 vaadin Advanced
Getting Started with Microservices
Microservices are single-purpose, loosely coupled applications that can be developed, scaled, and deployed independently. The sum of them co...
15-12-2017 12:14:59 vaadin Advanced

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