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Top 14 new features in Vaadin 14
Vaadin 14 is the latest Long-term support (LTS) version of the Java web framework. Since the previous LTS version (Vaadin 10), we have relea...
14-08-2019 15:59:31 vaadin Advanced
A fresh look at
We?re happy to present a newly designed that is focused on improving the experience for all the developers out there. The reason ...
01-08-2019 10:59:13 vaadin Advanced
Java for front-end development in 2019
Over more than 18 years, Vaadin framework has evolved from a small library, a toolkit, to one of the most popular Java frameworks for front-...
11-07-2019 16:23:22 vaadin Advanced
[DRAFT] npm related DX improvements to delay Vaadin 14 release - Vaadin 15 postponed to December
We were all expecting to see a fresh new LTS stamped Vaadin 14 release at the beginning of the summer. The project was a bit late due to the...
06-07-2019 07:35:25 vaadin Advanced
The Best Looking UIs
An active community of 150 000 developers is building amazing business applications using Vaadin around the world and we wanted to know what...
13-06-2019 10:52:59 vaadin Advanced
Bower and npm in Vaadin 14+
Starting with Vaadin 14, we use npm instead of Bower. Why are we doing this? What does this mean for you? And what is the future of existing...
29-05-2019 16:12:31 vaadin Advanced
Fixes for Firefox 67 regression issue
The Firefox 67 update, published on May 21, broke many web apps. The new Universal 2nd Factor API, now enabled by default, reserves a global...
27-05-2019 15:57:26 vaadin Advanced
Vaadin 14, the next LTS release, is in beta testing
The next long-term-support version of Vaadin is about to arrive. Today we released the second beta release, 14.0.0.beta2, for which we hope ...
24-05-2019 13:30:25 vaadin Advanced
Technical Erosion and Java Swing
In March 2018 Oracle released its Java Client Roadmap update. The document was significant because it acknowledged the creeping obsolescence...
09-05-2019 15:31:21 vaadin Advanced
Claim your components
Have you published a Web Component before? Do you want to publish it in an ecosystem where you can edit and customize it? Now you can do so ...
08-05-2019 16:31:19 vaadin Advanced

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