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Best practices for Event Sourcing
David Schmitz presented an excellent talk on what he sees as best practices in using Event Sourcing. Chronicle Software has two very differe...
28-11-2018 16:52:43 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Some Java oddities
I was recently asked for some simple pieces of code which some unusual uses of Java. Here are some of my favourites ;) stateless singleton i...
04-09-2018 16:02:31 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Reducing network latency
A look down the rabbit hole of reducing network latency. How latency can be measured and what you can do about it in a Java application. Pin...
28-08-2018 17:55:22 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Looking at randomness and performance for hash codes
In these articles, String.hashCode() is not even a little unique and Why do I this String.hashCode() is poor, I looked at how String.hashCod...
15-08-2018 17:35:50 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Why do I think String.hashCode() is poor
In response to an article I wrote HERE, a recent article HERE pointed out a number of things which could have been clearer in my claim that ...
12-08-2018 17:39:35 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Making blockchains simple
One of the challenges of building blockchain solutions is testing it. Chronicle Accelerate has a framework to make adding custom transaction...
31-07-2018 16:40:16 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Publishing tens of millions of messages per second
Welcome to our first newsletter from Chronicle giving you updates on developments at Chronicle Software plus tips and case studies around ho...
30-07-2018 14:09:14 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
String.hashCode() is not even a little unique
Some have a misconception that a 32-bit hashCode() can be unique for even complex data. Many realise that String.hashCode() is not unique, b...
27-07-2018 14:15:46 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Keeping a blockchain decentralised
This article proposes a Proof of IP (PoIP) to favour diversity of IP addresses over large number of server concentrated by IP address. While...
19-07-2018 14:14:39 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Microsecond latency Microservice Benchmarked
It is common for a vendor to publish benchmarks with synthetic loads and code. However, what can be reasonably achieve in a real application...
14-06-2018 11:40:28 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners

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