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Java Puzzles
Here are some odd quiz questions in Java which might have interesting answers. Questions void arrays Which of the following doesn't compile ...
21-04-2018 10:34:52 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
When is using a Blockchain compelling
I was recently asked; when is using a Blockchain really needed? IMHO the main benefit is ease of provider integration Blockchain allows prov...
16-04-2018 22:39:08 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Blockchain Design considerations
After I announced the release of Chronicle Accelerate, a high throughput blockchain solution in Java. One of the questions which came up was...
03-04-2018 03:42:44 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Test Test test
27-03-2018 18:36:12 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Blockchain basics
The key difference between blockchain and traditional databases is the level of trust needed in those running the service. With blockchain y...
21-03-2018 22:35:21 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
We are hiring
Low latency Java Developers We are looking for Contract or Permenant employees to develop solutions for clients, development of products, an...
28-04-2017 12:29:40 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
StringBuffer, and how hard it is to get rid of legacy code
In 2006, Java 5.0 was released with StringBuilder, a more light weight and sane version of StringBuffer. The Javadoc for Java 5.0 for String...
13-04-2017 03:30:44 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Object Pools revisited
Object pools where popular before Java 5.0 however more efficient allocation made most of these pools a needless complication. Can a Object ...
12-03-2017 15:46:09 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Engagement models
A question which often comes up is; how do we engage with you as a company? While our aim is to have an ongoing relationship and a recurring...
25-02-2017 13:49:13 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Low latency encrypted messages with Chronicle Queue Enterprise
Chronicle Queue Enterprise supports replication in a cluser and system monitoring. We recently added encrypted messages and the inital resul...
07-02-2017 19:00:12 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners

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