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IT experts you should follow on twitter
When I read lists like this they always seem to be male dominated, so here is a list of experts I follow which isn't. Sara Rey Chipps Just a...
03-09-2016 09:16:11 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Why don't I get the throughput I benchmarked?
In synthetic benchmarks, you can achieve a high throughput for your system by throwing lots of independant tasks/clients at it to see what t...
23-07-2016 19:12:40 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Improving performance with simple compression
Chronicle Wire supports multiple Wire Formats such as YAML, JSON and CSV. It also supports a binary format of YAML for performance. Chronicl...
23-07-2016 12:05:03 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Latency for a set Throughput
Without a set throughput, a latency measurement might be meaningless. Often you see benchmark results with throughput measurements, and some...
22-07-2016 13:23:27 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Distributing Common Java APIs
Distributing data stores vs Private data stores in Microservices Distributing data containers e.g. Maps, can be a way of avoiding having to ...
21-07-2016 20:24:20 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Contributing to Chronicle
Looking to contribute to a high peformance Open Source library in Java. This may be a good place to start. There is a number of ways to cont...
21-07-2016 14:12:52 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Reviewing Exception Handling
When developing an application it can be hard enough to get the happy path working, let alone worry about what might happen when something g...
21-07-2016 07:02:41 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Goldilocks Microservices
How to structure microservices? When structuring microservices we have to consider; how fine grain should our components be? how distributed...
21-07-2016 00:51:59 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Batching and Low Latency
This is testing the next release of Chronicle Queue 4.5.0 Why batch your data? Batching of multiple messages or updates into a single transa...
20-07-2016 17:43:55 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Goldilocks Microservices
Goldilocks Microservices Peter LawreyMost answers for Java and JVM on (12K), "Vanilla Java" blog with four million views, ...
05-07-2016 11:27:20 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners

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