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Microsecond latency Microservice Benchmarked
It is common for a vendor to publish benchmarks with synthetic loads and code. However, what can be reasonably achieve in a real application...
14-06-2018 11:40:28 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Chronicle downloads exceed 6 million in a month
In the last three months we have seen a significant increase in downloads of our libraries. Wider adoption of our libraries into popular fra...
13-06-2018 19:51:51 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Test blog entry
This is a test blog entry Sub heading
09-05-2018 16:57:18 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
High throughput Consensus
When achieving consensus across a distributed network, the latency of that network is an important constraint. How can we increase throughpu...
25-04-2018 17:11:08 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Java Puzzles
Here are some odd quiz questions in Java which might have interesting answers. Questions void arrays Which of the following doesn't compile ...
21-04-2018 10:34:52 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
When is using a Blockchain compelling
I was recently asked; when is using a Blockchain really needed? IMHO the main benefit is ease of provider integration Blockchain allows prov...
16-04-2018 22:39:08 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Blockchain Design considerations
After I announced the release of Chronicle Accelerate, a high throughput blockchain solution in Java. One of the questions which came up was...
03-04-2018 03:42:44 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Test Test test
27-03-2018 18:36:12 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
Blockchain basics
The key difference between blockchain and traditional databases is the level of trust needed in those running the service. With blockchain y...
21-03-2018 22:35:21 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners
We are hiring
Low latency Java Developers We are looking for Contract or Permenant employees to develop solutions for clients, development of products, an...
28-04-2017 12:29:40 vanilla java (Peter Lawrey) Beginners

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