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How Modern SQL Databases Come up with Algorithms that You Wouldn't Dream Of
Abstract: SQL is the only ever successful, mainstream, and general-purpose 4GL (Fourth Generation Programming Language) and it is awesome! W...
15-05-2017 07:08:59 virtual jug Advanced
Virtual Hackday: Become an early Java 9 expert
Abstract: This session was a joint hackday broadcast between the Virtual JUG and the London Java Community, live from London. Take part in J...
23-04-2017 18:04:11 virtual jug Advanced
Continuous Delivery with Java and Docker: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Abstract: Implementing a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline is not trivial, and the introduction of container technology to the development s...
12-04-2017 22:47:57 virtual jug Advanced
Pipeline as code: Building Continuous Delivery pipelines with Jenkins 2
Abstract: Over the past 10 years, Jenkins has grown to a de-facto standard tool that millions of people use to handle automation in software...
09-04-2017 16:00:51 virtual jug Advanced
The JavaFX Ecosystem
Abstract: JavaFX is booming! For the past 4 years we have seen open source libraries and JavaFX projects popping up slowly, however the pace...
18-01-2017 23:12:47 virtual jug Advanced
Extremely Fast Builds with Gradle
Abstract: No one likes slow builds. How many times a day do you compile your application, click the run button? How many times have you
19-12-2016 20:49:17 virtual jug Advanced
Kubernetes for Java Developers
Abstract: Kubernetes is an open-source opinionated container orchestration frameworks. It provides features like service discovery, manual a...
07-12-2016 22:27:33 virtual jug Advanced
Participate in the Future of Java
This is a joint session broadcast live from the IceJUG in Iceland. Learn how to take part in Java technology evolution through
21-11-2016 22:31:13 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: Functional Data Structures and Java 8 by Oleg Šelajev
Session Abstract: Developers love data structures. Applications are often full of maps, trees, heaps, queues, and much more, and we rarely b...
16-10-2016 19:48:31 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: Faster Java By Adding Structs (Sort Of) by Simon Ritter
Session Abstract: The ObjectLayout package provides a set of data structure classes designed with optimised memory layout in mind. In langua...
16-10-2016 13:33:03 virtual jug Advanced

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