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Java Council Episode #19
Episode 19 Show Notes Podcastees: Simon Maple, Trisha Gee, Martijn Verburg, and Mani Sarkar. Open Source all the things! 6 mth release caden...
19-10-2017 14:20:00 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Keynote: Java in the 21st Century: are you thinking far enough ahead?
Abstract: Discussions abound about the 'future of Java' though most of them are actually focused on the here and now. What are the consequen...
13-10-2017 18:33:56 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Keynote: An Overview of Kotlin for Java Programmers
Abstract: This presentation covers highlights and differences in the Kotlin language as compared to Java, emphasizing some of the points tha...
09-10-2017 11:10:47 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: "So, what they are talking about these days ?" – Analyzing and Visualizing topics with Graph
Abstract: "As data sources are more and more numerous, value is extracted from it by recognizing the relationships and patterns between them...
27-09-2017 13:46:11 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: Making the Most of Your Gradle Build
Abstract: Gradle can do awesome things by itself, but you get more bang when you combine your build with plugins. This presentation showcase...
27-09-2017 07:28:25 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: Your Serverless Cheatsheet – Getting the Best out of the Serverless Cloud
Abstract: In this session, we will review real-world serverless application scenarios, answer common questions, and share best practices aro...
27-09-2017 01:05:46 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: Avoiding Burnout
Abstract: I've seen many friends and colleagues suffer from burnout over the years. It affects founders, startup employees, and employees at...
26-09-2017 18:34:07 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: Radically Reactive Web Apps with Eclipse Vert.x
Abstract: Tired of old CRUD web apps? In this session, we will be demonstrating several highly interactive web experiences that illustrate t...
26-09-2017 12:10:01 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: Reactive Spring
Abstract: Spring 5 is here and it builds on top of the Pivotal Reactor project. Spring 5 is the foundation for Spring Data, Spring Webflux,
26-09-2017 05:55:02 virtual jug Advanced
vJUG24 Session: Front End Development for Back End Developers
Abstract: Are you a backend developer that's being pushed into front-end development? Are you frustrated with all JavaScript frameworks and ...
25-09-2017 23:35:11 virtual jug Advanced

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