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How to emulate @CreatedBy and @LastModifiedBy from Spring Data using the @GeneratorType Hibernate annotation
Introduction Hibernate comes with many additions to the standard JPA specification. One such example is the @GeneratorType annotation which ...
14-11-2017 13:53:20 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How to inherit properties from a base class entity using @MappedSuperclass with JPA and Hibernate
Introduction Last week, one of my blog readers asked me of a way to reuse the @Id mapping so that it won't have to be declared on each an ev...
08-11-2017 12:56:39 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How do UPSERT and MERGE work in Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL
Introduction Last week, Burkhard Graves asked me to answer the following StackOverflow question: And, since he wasn't convinced about my ans...
06-11-2017 14:30:23 vlad mihalcea Advanced
The best way to map a @NaturalId business key with JPA and Hibernate
Introduction As I explained in this free chapter of my book, Hibernate offers many benefits over standard JPA. One such example is the @Natu...
31-10-2017 10:09:54 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How does Hibernate handle JPA Criteria API literals
Introduction The JPA specification is like a Java interface, However, when it comes to performance, implementation details matter a lot. Tha...
24-10-2017 11:03:47 vlad mihalcea Advanced
9 High-Performance Tips when using MySQL with JPA and Hibernate
Introduction Although there is an SQL Standard, every relational database is ultimately unique, and you need to adjust your data access laye...
17-10-2017 11:39:08 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How to JOIN unrelated entities with JPA and Hibernate
Introduction Answering questions on the Hibernate forum is a neverending source of inspiration. The following question is about joining unre...
10-10-2017 09:58:34 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How do solve the PostgreSQL :: cast operator issue with JPA and Hibernate
Introduction While answering questions on the Hibernate forum, I stumbled on the following question, and, since it's very interesting, I dec...
03-10-2017 10:45:26 vlad mihalcea Advanced
Four years of blogging
Time flies when you're having fun It's been fours years since I started this blog, and every year I happen to write a report. If you are cur...
30-09-2017 07:49:27 vlad mihalcea Advanced
The hibernate-types open-source project is born
Introduction Recently, I got a very interesting request from one of my readers. Since I've been providing many custom types to support JSON,...
25-09-2017 11:59:11 vlad mihalcea Advanced

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