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How to map the latest child of a parent entity using Hibernate @JoinFormula
Introduction Today, I stumbled upon a StackOverflow answer that I gave some time ago and realized that it deserves a post of its own. As pre...
16-02-2017 15:57:33 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How does a relational database work
Introduction While doing my High-Performance Java Persistence training, I came to realize that it's worth explaining how a relational databa...
14-02-2017 10:49:15 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How to run integration tests at warp speed using Docker and tmpfs
Introduction As previously explained, you can run database integration tests 20 times faster! The trick is to map the data directory in memo...
09-02-2017 08:36:29 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How does database pessimistic locking interact with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE SQL statements
Introduction Relational database systems employ various Concurrency Control mechanisms to provide transactions with ACID property guarantees...
07-02-2017 10:33:14 vlad mihalcea Advanced
A beginner's guide to the Phantom Read anomaly, and how it differs between 2PL and MVCC
Introduction Unlike SQL Server which, by default, relies on the 2PL (Two-Phase Locking) to implement the SQL standard isolation levels, Orac...
31-01-2017 08:37:01 vlad mihalcea Advanced
Why should not use the AUTO JPA GenerationType with MySQL and Hibernate
Introduction As I already mentioned, you should never use the TABLE identifier generator since it does not scale properly. In this post, I'l...
24-01-2017 14:51:28 vlad mihalcea Advanced
The JPA EntityManager createNativeQuery is a Magic Wand
Introduction I found this very interesting question on the Hibernate forum, and, in this post, I want to demonstrate you why native SQL quer...
18-01-2017 17:59:47 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How to replace the TABLE identifier generator with either SEQUENCE or IDENTITY in a portable way
Introduction As previously explained, the TABLE identifier generator does not scale, so you should avoid id. However, some enterprise applic...
17-01-2017 12:00:40 vlad mihalcea Advanced
Book Review – SQL Antipatterns
Introduction I've just finished the wonderful SQL Antipatterns book by Bill Karwin. The book is a must-have reference for any developer that...
10-01-2017 12:09:16 vlad mihalcea Advanced
Why you should never use the TABLE identifier generator with JPA and Hibernate
Introduction From a data access perspective, JPA supports two major types of identifiers: assigned generated The assigned identifiers must b...
04-01-2017 15:03:05 vlad mihalcea Advanced

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