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The best way to do batch processing with JPA and Hibernate
Introduction Recently, on of my followers asked me to answer a question on Quora about batch processing, and, since the question was really ...
25-04-2017 09:46:01 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How does a JPA Proxy work and how to unproxy it with Hibernate
Introduction The JPA lazy loading mechanism can either be implemented using Proxies or Bytecode Enhancement so that calls to lazy associatio...
18-04-2017 09:03:01 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How do PostgreSQL advisory locks work
Introduction PostgreSQL, like many modern RDBMS, offers both MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control) and explicit pesimistic locking for va...
12-04-2017 09:11:50 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How to get started with CockroachDB
Introduction CockroachDB is a really interesting database system, getting the best of both RDBMS and NoSQL. It's been developed by former Go...
10-04-2017 09:32:15 vlad mihalcea Advanced
2 best tools that can help you solve ANY software development problem
Introduction You read it correctly. Any is a very broad term. However, these two tools that I'm going to talk about in this article allow me...
05-04-2017 09:43:12 vlad mihalcea Advanced
Why you should use the Hibernate ResultTransformer to customize result set mappings
Introduction JPA queries allow you to fetch either entities or DTO projects. However, sometimes you want a combined result set as illustrate...
03-04-2017 14:02:44 vlad mihalcea Advanced
The best way to map a @OneToMany relationship with JPA and Hibernate
Introduction In a relational database system, a one-to-many association between links two tables based on a Foreign Key column so that the c...
29-03-2017 08:36:27 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How to find which statement failed in a JDBC Batch Update
Introduction Yesterday, my Danish friend, Flemming Harms, asked my a very interesting question related to when a JDBC batch update fails. Ba...
21-03-2017 10:50:21 vlad mihalcea Advanced
How to store date, time, and timestamps in UTC time zone with JDBC and Hibernate
Introduction Dealing with time zones is always challenging. As a rule of thumb, it's much easier if all date/time values are stored in the U...
14-03-2017 07:16:48 vlad mihalcea Advanced
The best way to soft delete with Hibernate
Introduction Each database application is unique. While most of the time, deleting a record is the best approach, there are times when the a...
08-03-2017 11:15:57 vlad mihalcea Advanced

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