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Coining a new abbreviation: "As far as I googled (AFAIG) instead of "As far as I know" (AFAIK)
I think the term "As far as I know" (AFAIK) is a bit outdated. These days people first use Google to find something before asking. A more de...
29-09-2017 10:44:40 lars vogel Advanced
Access OSGi Services via web interface
In this blog post I want to share a simple approach to make OSGi services available via web interface. I will show a simple approach that in...
20-04-2017 08:28:30 lars vogel Advanced
Control OSGi DS Component Instances via Configuration Admin
While trying to clean up the OSGi services in the Eclipse Platform Runtime I came across the fact that singleton service instances are not a...
24-02-2017 08:43:47 lars vogel Advanced
New Java index now used in Eclipse 4.7 for caching JAR information
Stefan Xenos from Google reports that the JDT index is being used as a cache for the majority of .jar file access. This should significantly...
02-02-2017 10:56:42 lars vogel Advanced
Dependency injection for Eclipse 3.x views available for Eclipse 4.7 M3
You can now use dependency injection (di) in your Eclipse 3.x. views.You can enable this for a view via the new inject flag in the org.eclip...
26-10-2016 10:20:10 lars vogel Advanced
Welcome Sergey Prigogin from Google in the PMC of the Top-Level Eclipse Project
I would like to welcome Sergey in the Eclipse Project Management Committee (PMC) for the Eclipse Top Level Project. I think of Sergey as a f...
29-09-2016 11:31:19 lars vogel Advanced
Eclipse 4.7 M2 is out with a focus on usability
Eclipse 4.7 M2 is out with a focus on usability. From simplified filter functionality in the Problems, Bookmark and Task view, improved colo...
19-09-2016 10:53:28 lars vogel Advanced
Contribute to the vogella Android tutorials via Github pull requests
If you want to contribute an improvement to the vogella Android tutorials, we are providing our Android tutorials Asciidoc source code via G...
15-09-2016 08:33:56 lars vogel Advanced
Out-of-office settings for Eclipse Bugzilla and Gerrit
As I got several requests how to show an "Out-of-office" in Gerrit and Bugzilla, I documented this in the Eclipse Platform Contribution tuto...
26-08-2016 14:06:58 lars vogel Advanced
Making the Eclipse IDE prettier on Windows
My company is starting a new customer project for which I have to the Windows OS. I noticed that the main toolbar styling looks really bad d...
11-07-2016 23:05:23 lars vogel Advanced

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