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Eclipse Extended Contribution Pattern
Working in the Panorama project, we developed several architectures and designs to improve the collaboration of heterogeneous systems. Altho...
16-11-2021 09:49:01 lars vogel Advanced
Eclipse RCP, Java 11, JAXB
With Java 11 several packages have been removed from the JRE itself, like JAXB. This means if you use JAXB in your Java application, you nee...
08-03-2021 15:49:31 lars vogel Advanced
Inspecting the OSGi runtime – New ways for Eclipse projects
I often get asked how to find and solve issues in an OSGi runtime. Especially with regards to OSGi services. I then always answer that you h...
14-01-2021 13:12:31 lars vogel Advanced
Build REST services with OSGi JAX-RS whiteboard
Some years ago I had a requirement to access the OSGi services inside my Eclipse application via web interface. Back then I used the OSGi HT...
08-01-2021 18:45:21 lars vogel Advanced
NatTable + Eclipse Collections = Performance & Memory improvements ?
Some time ago I got reports from NatTable users about high memory consumption when using NatTable with huge data sets. Especially when using...
25-06-2020 13:38:52 lars vogel Advanced
NatTable – dynamic scaling enhancements
The last weeks I worked on harmonizing the scaling capabilities of NatTable. The first goal was to provide scaled versions of all internal N...
05-03-2020 22:49:57 lars vogel Advanced
Building a "headless RCP" application with Tycho
Recently I got the request to create a "headless RCP" application from an existing Eclipse project. I was reading several posts on that and ...
20-01-2020 18:57:34 lars vogel Advanced
POM-less Tycho enhanced
With Tycho 0.24 POM-less Tycho builds were introduced. This Maven extension was a big step forward with regards to build configuration, as p...
25-11-2019 13:39:00 lars vogel Advanced
Add JavaFX controls to a SWT Eclipse 4 application - Eclipse RCP Cookbook UPDATE
I wrote about this topic already a while ago on another blog. But since then quite a few things have changed and I wanted to publish an upda...
15-11-2019 16:28:51 lars vogel Advanced
Coining a new abbreviation: "As far as I googled (AFAIG) instead of "As far as I know" (AFAIK)
I think the term "As far as I know" (AFAIK) is a bit outdated. These days people first use Google to find something before asking. A more de...
29-09-2017 10:44:40 lars vogel Advanced

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