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Inspecting the OSGi runtime – New ways for Eclipse projects
I often get asked how to find and solve issues in an OSGi runtime. Especially with regards to OSGi services. I then always answer that you h...
14-01-2021 13:12:31 lars vogel Advanced
Build REST services with OSGi JAX-RS whiteboard
Some years ago I had a requirement to access the OSGi services inside my Eclipse application via web interface. Back then I used the OSGi HT...
08-01-2021 18:45:21 lars vogel Advanced
NatTable + Eclipse Collections = Performance & Memory improvements ?
Some time ago I got reports from NatTable users about high memory consumption when using NatTable with huge data sets. Especially when using...
25-06-2020 13:38:52 lars vogel Advanced
NatTable – dynamic scaling enhancements
The last weeks I worked on harmonizing the scaling capabilities of NatTable. The first goal was to provide scaled versions of all internal N...
05-03-2020 22:49:57 lars vogel Advanced
Building a "headless RCP" application with Tycho
Recently I got the request to create a "headless RCP" application from an existing Eclipse project. I was reading several posts on that and ...
20-01-2020 18:57:34 lars vogel Advanced
POM-less Tycho enhanced
With Tycho 0.24 POM-less Tycho builds were introduced. This Maven extension was a big step forward with regards to build configuration, as p...
25-11-2019 13:39:00 lars vogel Advanced
Add JavaFX controls to a SWT Eclipse 4 application - Eclipse RCP Cookbook UPDATE
I wrote about this topic already a while ago on another blog. But since then quite a few things have changed and I wanted to publish an upda...
15-11-2019 16:28:51 lars vogel Advanced
Coining a new abbreviation: "As far as I googled (AFAIG) instead of "As far as I know" (AFAIK)
I think the term "As far as I know" (AFAIK) is a bit outdated. These days people first use Google to find something before asking. A more de...
29-09-2017 10:44:40 lars vogel Advanced
Access OSGi Services via web interface
In this blog post I want to share a simple approach to make OSGi services available via web interface. I will show a simple approach that in...
20-04-2017 08:28:30 lars vogel Advanced
Control OSGi DS Component Instances via Configuration Admin
While trying to clean up the OSGi services in the Eclipse Platform Runtime I came across the fact that singleton service instances are not a...
24-02-2017 08:43:47 lars vogel Advanced

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