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Exam Notes - Pivotal Certified Spring Professional
Study materials and an exam review for Pivotal Certified Spring Professional Exam 4.2, with flash-cards and study notes. Resources Study Gui...
24-10-2016 14:29:51 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
Singleton Pattern Pitfalls
Singleton, one of the most popular design patterns has a lot of serious drawbacks and some even consider it an anti-pattern. What are the pi...
31-08-2016 18:11:58 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
Exam Notes – Pivotal Certified Spring Web Application Developer
Study materials and an exam review for Pivotal Certified Spring Web Application Developer Exam 4.2, with flash-cards and study notes. Certif...
22-08-2016 23:44:50 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
Should I explicitly declare serialVersionUID?
Should you explicitly declare serialVersionUID or leave it to be automatically generated? What is serialVersionUID? This is the description ...
26-05-2016 15:16:05 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
Field Dependency Injection Considered Harmful
Field injection is a very popular practice in Dependency Injection frameworks, such as Spring. It has, however, several serious tradeoffs an...
21-05-2016 11:46:57 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
Learning IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts
Learning shortcut keys of your favorite IDE can greatly boost your programming productivity. There is a trick to learn IntelliJ IDEA shortcu...
16-05-2016 09:08:18 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
Telescoping Constructor Pattern alternatives
Telescoping constructor pattern is quite common practice. It has, however, some shortcomings. What are the alternative approaches and when s...
11-05-2016 15:00:57 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
Break the Java Generics Naming Convention?
Choosing descriptive, intent-revealing names is one of the key principles of writing clean code, which is easy to read and understand and us...
09-05-2016 23:41:24 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners
Stop using Javadoc @author tag
Are you still using @author javadoc tag? Maybe it's time to reconsider. Let's discuss why the tag may be actually harmful and why you should...
09-05-2016 17:39:55 Vojtech Ruzicka (Vojtech Ruzicka) Beginners

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