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Why refactor to Java 8? With Trisha Gee
Java 8 has been around for nearly 3 years now, and a lot of frameworks are adopting it as a baseline such as Spring 5. However we aren't all...
18-01-2017 20:37:18 voxxed Advanced
MVC 1.0 Returns
When Oracle announced that MVC 1.0 was withdrawn from Java EE 8, they also indicated that they were investigating a possible transfer to a c...
18-01-2017 14:24:53 voxxed Advanced
Lambda Puzzlers
What are some of the unexpected features of lambdas? We interviewed expert Peter Lawrey at Devoxx Belgium 2016 to talk about some of the mor...
16-01-2017 13:53:27 voxxed Advanced
Java 9 series: Convenience Factory Methods for Collections
This week we're looking at JEP 269: Convenience Factory Methods for Collections as part of the Java 9 series. The Java 9 series looks at som...
06-01-2017 16:17:23 voxxed Advanced
Serverless FaaS with AWS Lambda and Java
What is Serverless Architecture? Serverless architecture runs custom code in ephemeral containers that are fully managed by a 3rd party. The...
26-12-2016 04:22:09 voxxed Advanced
Gradle plugins and Open Source with Andres Almiray
"One of the philosophies that I like to follow when creating a build file for Gradle is that what you see in a build file is how your projec...
20-12-2016 18:48:24 voxxed Advanced
Building at Scale with Gradle 3.0
"Avoid exposing unnecessary complexity to developers [whilst] still deeply understanding their requirements." Founder of Gradle and the CEO ...
19-12-2016 18:22:57 voxxed Advanced
Microservices the Right Way with Ivar Grimstad
"One of the challenges with microservices is that it's distributed, and if you have a problem creating a decent architecture with a monolith...
16-12-2016 16:47:41 voxxed Advanced
Devoxx Morocco and the African Tech Scene with Badr El Houari
"If we want to ensure sustainable digital transformation for our country, we need to give value and innovation to developers". Badr El Houar...
13-12-2016 14:59:49 voxxed Advanced
Java 9 and code that sucks with Venkat Subramaniam
Dr. Venkat Subramaniam gave a marathon of highly rated sessions at Devoxx Belgium. We talked about the adoption of Java 9 and the problems i...
09-12-2016 18:46:40 voxxed Advanced

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