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Buggy Java Code: Top 10 Mistakes That Java Developers Make – Part I
By Mikhail Selivanov Freelance Software Engineer at Toptal Java is a programming language that was initially developed for interactive telev...
24-02-2017 19:33:06 voxxed Advanced
Java Finalizers
Object's finalize() methods are as old as Java. But its implementation details and performance implications remain misunderstood (if not unk...
20-02-2017 13:20:59 voxxed Advanced
Creating Uber JAR with Payara Micro
By Fabio Turizo of Payara Payara Micro allows running web applications in a self-contained and easy way. Since the release of Payara Server ...
16-02-2017 13:36:19 voxxed Advanced
Machine Learning's medical strides
There is a surge of interest in Machine Learning. If you aren't in some way following the tidal wave of interest in the field, you are sure ...
13-02-2017 13:02:37 voxxed Advanced
JFokus 2017: Java Rock up north
This year on 6-8 February over 1700 developers gathered in Stockholm to attend JFokus. I only attended the conference part of the session on...
09-02-2017 01:28:09 voxxed Advanced
Microservices and User Interfaces in plain Java
If you have been following the web development industry in the last years, there's a good chance that you have at least heard about microser...
07-02-2017 19:07:24 voxxed Advanced
Java 9 and Streams API
There are some feelings in the functional programming community that Java 8 didn't go far enough. However, this is not the case for Simon Ri...
06-02-2017 13:49:30 voxxed Advanced
Functional Java Done Right
Javaslang the core functional library for Java 8 and beyond allows us to start thinking in immutable values. Java 8 introduced some features...
31-01-2017 13:33:07 voxxed Advanced
Fast queries and SQL expertise
According to Lukas Eder, "the SQL database will constantly outperform any hand written data retrieval algorithm or in other words SQL, being...
30-01-2017 14:13:49 voxxed Advanced
Get started with JHipster
By Matt Raible, who will be speaking at Devoxx US in San Jose, California on March 21-23. This article shows you how to build a simple blog ...
27-01-2017 18:46:02 voxxed Advanced

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