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License Certification Due Diligence
With the changes in the Eclipse Intellectual Property (IP) Policy made in 2016, the Eclipse Foundation now offers two types of IP Due Dilige...
12-01-2017 22:16:28 wayne beaton Advanced

The source for the Eclipse Project Handbook is in AsciiDoc format (rendered using Asciidoctor via Maven), and includes embedded Graphviz gra...
06-10-2016 23:40:50 wayne beaton Advanced
Replacing Bugzilla with Tuleap
Bugzilla has served the Eclipse Community well for many years, easily scaling to serve the needs of over 500 open source projects, servicing...
27-09-2016 22:27:00 wayne beaton Advanced
Java 9 module-info Files in the Eclipse IDE
Note that this post is not intended to be a status update; it's just a quick update based on some experimenting that I've been doing with th...
14-09-2016 21:40:15 wayne beaton Advanced
Eclipse Project Branding and Trademarks
As part of the project creation process, the Eclipse Foundation assumes ownership of the project's name. As a legal entity, the Eclipse Foun...
30-06-2016 22:41:49 wayne beaton Advanced
Longest Serving Eclipse Neon Contributors
I've been running various queries against our Git index database. I decided to see who are our longest standing contributors. I had to draw ...
17-06-2016 23:07:24 wayne beaton Advanced
Eclipse Contributors Since the Beginning of Time
In my last post, I made reference to all the people named Dave that have contributed to Eclipse over the years. I thought that I'd share a l...
16-06-2016 22:30:19 wayne beaton Advanced
Eclipse Platform on Java 9 b118
I'd taken a little break from testing Eclipse Platform on Java 9 Jigsaw builds. A few nights ago, I pulled down the latest builds of both an...
18-05-2016 21:36:26 wayne beaton Advanced
Git Staging View
I'll admit that I never bothered much with the Git Staging View before now, preferring instead to make all of my commits from the Commit dia...
16-05-2016 22:05:47 wayne beaton Advanced
Great Fixes from Till Brychcy
Our third winner in the Great Fixes for Neon skills competition is Till Brychcy. Till has used the Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) sinc...
13-05-2016 21:35:25 wayne beaton Advanced

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