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Eclipse Foundation Specification Process Step-by-Step
Scientific progress goes "boink"? Hobbes The Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) provides a framework and governance model for d...
08-03-2019 14:52:53 wayne beaton Advanced
Eclipse Foundation Specification Process, Part III: Creation
The Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) includes an image that provides an overview of what goes into creating a new Specificati...
28-11-2018 18:13:20 wayne beaton Advanced
Eclipse IP Process: Service Releases of Third Party Content
The primary role of the Eclipse IP Team is to reduce the risks associated with adopting open source software. In broad terms, they ensure th...
23-10-2018 11:04:00 wayne beaton Advanced
Jakarta EE @EclipseFdn: Getting it done
To say that bringing Jakarta EE to life at the Eclipse Foundation was a massive undertaking is a gross understatement. We started this effor...
03-10-2018 21:07:05 wayne beaton Advanced
The Eclipse Committer Election Workflow
In the world of open source, Committers are ones who hold they keys. Committers decide what code goes into the code base, they decide how a ...
08-02-2018 17:02:33 wayne beaton Advanced
Decoding the Eclipse IP Policy: Third Party Dependencies
The term Intellectual Property (IP) refers to any sort of creative work, be it literature, art, or software. In the realm of open source sof...
26-01-2018 18:56:48 wayne beaton Advanced
Legal Documentation Requirements for Eclipse Projects
Late last week, I pushed out an update to our documentation regarding the legal documentation requirements for Eclipse projects that Sharon ...
06-10-2017 19:24:44 wayne beaton Advanced
Eclipse Projects: Level Playing Field
For many open source organisations, open means the same thing as transparent: open as in open book. At the Eclipse Foundation, we regard bei...
02-08-2017 16:36:33 wayne beaton Advanced
Follow @EclipseJavaIDE
If you're new to the Eclipse IDE you're already a big fan, you'll find something of value every day by following @EclipseJavaIDE. Frankly, t...
25-07-2017 17:10:00 wayne beaton Advanced
License Certification (Mostly) Just Happens
The Eclipse Intellectual Property Policy defines two types of intellectual property (IP) due diligence for third party content. The so-calle...
19-07-2017 19:24:06 wayne beaton Advanced

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