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What's Wrong With Global Variables?
Only lazy people haven't written already about how global variables are evil. It started in 1973 when W. Wulf et al. claimed that "the non-l...
03-07-2018 15:11:21 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Are You an Architect?
Over twenty five years ago, in 1992, at an OOPSLA workshop in Vancouver, Kent Beck, in answer to the question "What is an architect?" said, ...
26-06-2018 12:00:01 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Simplified GitHub Login for a Ruby Web App
You know what OAuth login is, right? It's when your users click "login" and get redirected to Facebook, Twitter, Google, or some other websi...
19-06-2018 14:10:21 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Object Validation: to Defer or Not?
I said earlier that constructors must be code-free and do nothing aside from attribute initialization. Since then, the most frequently asked...
29-05-2018 17:13:25 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
One More Recipe Against NULL
You know what NULL is, right? It's evil. In OOP, your method can return NULL, it can accept NULL as an argument, your object can encapsulate...
22-05-2018 09:30:38 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
An Open Code Base Is Not Yet an Open Source Project
A few weeks ago someone suggested I should try to integrate IntelliJ IDEA's static analysis rules into Qulice, our aggregator of Checkstyle,...
08-05-2018 11:11:45 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
The Right Way to Report a Bug
You know, at Zerocracy, either you are a programmer or a tester, and we pay for each bug you find and report. Well, not quite. We pay for ea...
24-04-2018 08:56:04 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
How to Be Lazy and Stay Calm
What frustrates me most in my profession of software development is the regular necessity to understand large problem scopes before fixing s...
17-04-2018 14:13:13 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Nine Steps of Learning by Refactoring
I was asked on Twitter recently how is it possible to refactor if one doesn't understand how the code works. I replied that it is "learning ...
11-04-2018 16:32:32 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Fully Transparent Donations via Zerocracy
Open source is free, as in beer: you write code, nobody pays you. Of course, there are many ways to monetize your efforts, but there will be...
03-04-2018 23:21:09 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners

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