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Traits and Mixins Are Not OOP
Let me say right off the bat that the features we will discuss here are pure poison brought to object-oriented programming by those who desp...
07-03-2017 09:27:21 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
How to Handle the Problem of Too Many Classes
During nearly every presentation in which I explain my view of object-oriented programming, there is someone who shares a comment like this:...
28-02-2017 17:58:01 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Why I Don't Talk to Google Recruiters
This is a real story, and it's not only about Google. I'm getting emails from recruiters at Amazon, Facebook, and smaller Silicon Valley sta...
21-02-2017 14:54:16 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
StackOverflow Is Your Mandatory Tool
I've said before that your StackOverflow reputation is very important to us when we make a decision on how much we should pay a software dev...
14-02-2017 09:37:31 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Each Private Static Method Is a Candidate for a New Class
Do you have private static methods that help you break your algorithms down into smaller parts? I do. Every time I write a new method, I rea...
07-02-2017 10:33:07 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Decorating Envelopes
Sometimes Very often I need a class that implements an interface by making an instance of another class. Sound weird? Let me show you an exa...
31-01-2017 11:03:13 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
16 Don'ts of Career Growth
I get questions like this all the time: How does one become a senior software developer or an architect? How do I grow from a junior just st...
24-01-2017 12:20:22 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Synchronized Decorators to Replace Thread-Safe Classes
You know what thread safety is, right? If not, there is a simple example below. All classes must be thread-safe, right? Not really. Some of ...
17-01-2017 09:32:39 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
How to Teach a Customer
In outsourcing, very often a customer is an idiot doesn't really know what he needs not only in terms of functionality, but also on a techni...
10-01-2017 13:19:37 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
How Much Do You Love Conflict?
Conflict is what progress is made of. A professional and well-managed team loves conflicts and creates them on a daily basis. A professional...
03-01-2017 10:37:33 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners

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