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How to Be Lazy and Stay Calm
What frustrates me most in my profession of software development is the regular necessity to understand large problem scopes before fixing s...
17-04-2018 14:13:13 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Nine Steps of Learning by Refactoring
I was asked on Twitter recently how is it possible to refactor if one doesn't understand how the code works. I replied that it is "learning ...
11-04-2018 16:32:32 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Fully Transparent Donations via Zerocracy
Open source is free, as in beer: you write code, nobody pays you. Of course, there are many ways to monetize your efforts, but there will be...
03-04-2018 23:21:09 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
How I Test My Java Classes for Thread-Safety
I touched on this problem in one of my recent webinars, now it's time to explain it in writing. Thread-safety is an important quality of cla...
28-03-2018 09:20:57 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Zerocracy: A Project Manager That Never Sleeps
I've been in the software business for almost 30 years. I wrote my first piece of code when I was 12. Since then I have been programming and...
21-03-2018 16:25:16 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Fluent Interfaces Are Bad for Maintainability
Fluent interface, first coined as a term by Martin Fowler, is a very convenient way of communicating with objects in OOP. It makes their fac...
13-03-2018 22:42:23 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Don't Aim for Quality, Aim for Speed
I decided to write this blog post after reviewing this pull request. What happened there? The author of the PR wasn't able to figure out the...
06-03-2018 09:37:44 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Don't Parse, Use Parsing Objects
The traditional way of integrating object-oriented back-end with an external system is through data transfer objects, which are serialized i...
27-02-2018 15:16:27 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Most startups don't have enough cash to pay programmers as much as they deserve, unfortunately (or maybe not). Instead of cash, startups giv...
13-02-2018 11:05:21 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
More Bugs, Please
A bug is something we find in a software product that "doesn't look right" (this is my personal definition). A bug can be hidden or visible;...
06-02-2018 11:33:13 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners

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