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Fat vs. Skinny Design
It seems that type/class hierarchies in OOP may be designed in two extreme ways: either with full encapsulation of data in mind; or with jus...
19-02-2020 07:53:49 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Object Cohesion: Why It Matters
You most probably know about Elegant Objects (EO), an alternative object-oriented paradigm, which claims that objects must be immutable, hav...
11-02-2020 06:22:16 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
One Question You Should Never Ask Your Boss
There are good and bad soldiers in any team. The job of a manager is to understand which is which. Then to promote the good ones and dischar...
15-01-2020 07:51:44 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Embrace the Chaos!
Being just yet another software developer in a large enterprise is a pain. You are surrounded by legacy code, inconsistent architecture, low...
07-01-2020 03:47:25 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Talented Programmers, Who Are They?
Talented programmers who are they? I'm not talking about those who are famous, well-paid, or the authors of big and popular products. They a...
31-12-2019 05:11:04 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Altruism Kills!
Altruism means selflessly giving others more than you take back, while egoism means selfishly taking more than you return. Modern theories o...
24-12-2019 11:01:07 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Does Code Review Involve Testing?
When you review a pull/merge request from someone, do you check out the branch and run the build? I usually don't, but some people do. Their...
03-12-2019 11:56:29 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
How Much Cohesion Is Enough?
Which one is better: books.del(42) or I do both and I rarely can tell which one is better. The first option is shorter...
22-11-2019 09:24:19 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Revolutionary Evolution
Here is the question I keep hearing almost every time I speak at a conference about object-oriented programming and my non-traditional under...
05-11-2019 21:34:41 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners
Software Quality Award, 2020
This is the sixth year of the Software Quality Award. The maximum prize is still the same $4,096. The rules are still the same. Read on. Pre...
03-11-2019 19:59:16 Yegor Bugayenko Beginners

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