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python: Simple http server with CGI scripts enabled
If you want to experiment some python code as CGI script to serve by a HTTP server, you can get started by these steps:Create a cgi-bin dire...
15-07-2016 16:30:10 Zemian Deng Beginners
wls: How to import SSL cert into WLS DemoTrust.jks keystore file
In WLS, you can import your own SSL cert into it's trust keystore file to invoke "https" contents. Here is how you do that with the default ...
06-07-2016 21:30:40 Zemian Deng Beginners
pip: How to install venv and pip with a python 3.4 distribution
If you are unfortunate enough to have stuck with a Python 3.4 distribution and you want to setup a virtual env, then likely you will get the...
29-06-2016 04:24:44 Zemian Deng Beginners
hg: Untrack file without deleting it
So I have created a maven based Java project using IntelliJ IDEA, and I added all files to my hg repository with this .hgignore file in plac...
28-06-2016 18:44:35 Zemian Deng Beginners
yum: Installing a local downloaded .rpm file
bash> yum --nogpgcheck localinstall
28-06-2016 11:39:06 Zemian Deng Beginners
wls: How to manually test a DataSource connection
When you creating new DataSource in WLS, it allows you to test the connectivity. However after you have created it, the test button is kinda...
17-06-2016 16:58:52 Zemian Deng Beginners
How to setup mercurial respository on a remote server
I love using mercurial source control! It's easy to use and it works as I expected everytime I need to do something with my source repositor...
15-06-2016 16:30:44 Zemian Deng Beginners
Java Jdbc Test for UTF8 and Default Value for TIMESTAMP
Just a quick MySQL test on how to use UTF8 encoding with JDBC connection string. Also a test on how to set TIMESTAMP default values. package...
03-11-2015 07:42:00 Zemian Deng Beginners
ConEmu - a Terminal Windows or Tab Manager
Just learned about ConEmu project at and it's pretty awesome! Thanks Onur for the tips!
02-11-2015 08:04:00 Zemian Deng Beginners
python: How to setup a new Trac issue tracking system
Here is how I setup a local instance of Trac (a python based issue tracking web application) on my Mac. Prerequisite: MySQL 5.6 and Python 2...
22-10-2015 21:45:00 Zemian Deng Beginners

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