Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 11/2022

06.03.2022 08:03:53

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


How to use Record in Java? Example Tutorial
What is Phaser in Java? When and How to use Phaser? Example Tutorial
Eclipse Theia 1.23 Release: News and Noteworthy
How to Reverse a Stack in Java? Example Tutorial
Top 5 Java EE 7 Application Developer Exam Courses and Practice Tests

Agile & Testing

Evolving your RESTful APIs, a step-by-step approach


The 2030 Self-Driving Car Bet
JDK 18 and JDK 19: What We Know So Far
Java News Roundup: Spring Projects Updates, Value Objects (Preview) JEP, Quarkus 2.7.2
A Bootiful Podcast: Reactive Streams cofounder, former deputy CTO at Lightbend, and legend Viktor Klang
How to Integrate Release Management with DevOps


Comic for March 03, 2022
Comic for March 02, 2022
Comic for February 28, 2022
Comic for March 04, 2022
For the Sake of Simplicity


Interview with Senior Java Developer
Awesome Software Architecture: A curated list of useful resources about software architecture and design principles.
The Decline and Fall of Java on the Desktop Part 1 (1999-2005)
Apache NetBeans 13 released
Visualizing Robots with JavaFX

Inside Java

Job Opportunity: JavaFX Engineer
Refactoring Java 8 code with Java 17 new features - JEP Café #9
Leverage Java 17 New Features to Create Your Wordle Checker - JEP Café #10
Job Opportunity: Java VM Runtime Engineer
The New Stack - Java Adapts to Cloud Native Computing

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