Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 12/2023

19.03.2023 07:52:09

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Difference between Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Framework
IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1 Release Candidate Is Out!
Webinar – Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming With C# and F#
Developer Ecosystem Survey 2022: Discover Raw Data
Fleet 1.16 Comes With Code Foldings Support, VS Code Keymap Improvements, Automatic Indentation Support, and More

Agile & Testing

Article: The Future of Istio: Sidecar-Less and Sidecar with Ambient Mesh
Google Service Weaver Enables Coding as a Monolith and Deploying as Microservices
gRPC on the client side
Article: Contract-Driven Development - A Real-World Adoption Journey
I want you to exceed me


Road to Quarkus 3: Improved Dev UI, Steps Towards Diataxis Documentation and Performance Bumps
Kotlin DSLs in the world of Springdom
The best way to use Spring Data query methods
Java's Collections Framework Gets a Makeover with New Sequenced Collection Types
This Week in Spring - March 14th, 2023


Comic for March 12, 2023
Flatten the Planets
March Madness


The Ultimate Guide to Java Virtual Threads
JEP draft 8303683: Virtual Threads
JDK 20 - G1/Parallel/Serial GC improvements
JEP 442: Foreign Function & Memory API (Third Preview)
Code bases that really improved your Java knowledge

Inside Java

Write performant Java code with the Vector API - JEP Café 18
G1/Parallel/Serial GC improvements in JDK 20
Running JDK Tools within a JShell Session

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