Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 14/2016

10.04.2016 07:04:00

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Printers Instead of Getters
New Release of Oracle JET Support Plugin for NetBeans IDE 8.1
AngularJS custom filter example
Growing Revenue May Kill Your Startup
Custom Elements & Attributes in HTML in NetBeans IDE

Agile & Testing

Azure Service Fabric Reaches General Availability
Experimental: Kotlin and mutation testing
Article: Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2016
Presentation: The Microservices and DevOps Journey
How to Replace Rules in JUnit 5


10 Influential Women in Java, Scala and Everything in Between
Java generics never cease to impress
Liferay Portal 7.0 CE Release
Talking with Tom Dale about Ember FastBoot and the Return of Scrappy JavaScript
Keep it lean. You aren't ready for Scrum.

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