Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 2/2021

03.01.2021 07:01:08

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IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3.1 Is Out With Apple Silicon Support
PyCharm 2020.3.2 Supports Apple Silicon
10 Tools Data Scientists and Machine Learning Developer Should Learn in 2021
CLion 2020.3.1 Bug-fix Update
Java Predictions for 2021 on Foojay

Agile & Testing

Article: InfoQ 2020 Recap, Editor Recommendations, and Best Content of the Year
6 Small Unit Testing Tips
Musings around a Dockerfile for Jekyll
Versioning Multiple Micro-Services in a Monorepo using Maven


This Year in Spring - 2020 Edition
JavaFX monitor component
Jakarta Security and Tomcat 10
What's New in MicroProfile 4.0
How to Make Your Reviewer Cry Using Java Optional


Comic for December 29, 2020
Comic for December 30, 2020
Comic for December 27, 2020
Comic for December 28, 2020
Comic for January 02, 2021


Spring Boot Best Practices for Microservices - Piotr's TechBlog
Do Loom's Claims Stack Up? Part 1: Millions of Threads?
JavaFX real-world application: SenaptCRM
Java Proxies: From Dog to TransactionalDog
I am in a real need for production level java backend project on github to learn from. Any recommendations?

Inside Java

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