Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 2/2022

02.01.2022 07:53:40

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Topics in December
10 Reasons to join Pluralsight in 2022 - Yes, Pluralsight is worth it!!
ReSharper and Rider 2021.2.3 have landed
PyCharm 2021.3.1 Is Out!
5 Free courses to learn Golang for Beginners in 2022 - Best of Lot

Agile & Testing

My favorite musical discoveries of 2021
Signing off 2021 and Not rolling over


Keyset Pagination with Spring
End Of Year Learnings From Minecraft's Migration To JDK 16 And Q&A With The Mojang Team
MicroStream 6.0 Supports JDK 17, Spring Boot and Helidon
This Year in Spring - December 28th, 2021
Java News Roundup: More Log4Shell Statements, Spring and Quarkus Updates, New Value Objects JEP


Comic for December 26, 2021
Comic for December 28, 2021
Confounding Variables
Comic for December 30, 2021
Comic for December 29, 2021


JEP draft: Instruction Issue Cache Hardware Accommodation
MicroProfile 5.0 Release with Updated Jakarta EE 9.1 Dependencies
Spring Warehouse - A quest to learn more Java and Spring boot
Do I even care about JBoss or are there better alternatives?
Why is the Java Valhalla project named Valhalla?

Inside Java

State of Valhalla

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