Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 2/2023

08.01.2023 07:12:44

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Difference between Filter and Listener in Servlet - Java JEE
Java Annotated Monthly - January 2023
10 Reasons to learn MongoDB NoSQL Database in 2023
How to declare a method which takes a lambda expression in Java 8? Example Tutorial
How to drop a column from an existing table in SQL Server? Example Tutorial

Agile & Testing

Article: Blue-Green Deployment From the Trenches
There Is No Software Maintenance
Data Mesh Accelerate Workshop


This Week in Spring - Jan 3rd, 2023
Apache TomEE MicroProfile 5.0 certified
Java News Roundup: Jakarta Data Initial Release, Micronaut 3.8, JReleaser 1.4, Gradle 8.0-RC1
GlassFish 7.0 Delivers Support for JDK 17 and Jakarta EE 10
Spring Tools 4.17.1 released


Comic for January 04, 2023
Comic for January 02, 2023
Comic for January 03, 2023
Biology vs Robotics
Comic for January 01, 2023


Bill Gates: I'm literally losing sleep over Java
We released a small no-dependencies UrlEncoder library for Kotlin and Java that actually encodes URL parameters and not HTML form parameters, as the JDK URLEncoder does.
My attempt to understand why people perceive Java as complex
Helidon 3.1.0 released!
What to learn to become a Java developer

Inside Java

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