Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 22/2021

23.05.2021 07:12:05

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


LocalDate until() and between() Example - How to find number of days between two dates in Java 8
Top 10 edX Courses and Certificates for IT Professionals in 2021 - Best of Lot
Udemy vs Educative Review? Which is better Website for Beginners?
Kotlin/Native Memory Management Update
KotlinDL 0.2: Functional API, Model Zoo With ResNet and MobileNet, Idiomatic Kotlin DSL for Image Preprocessing, and Many New Layers

Agile & Testing

Article: Case Study: A Decade of Microservices at a Financial Firm
Timely computation of derived values


Spring Boot 2.5 is now GA
Spring Boot 2.4.6 available now
7 Test Frameworks To Follow in 2021 for Java/Fullstack Developers
Spring Security 5.5 goes GA
High-Performance Batch Processing Using Apache Spark and Spring Batch


Comic for May 18, 2021
Comic for May 16, 2021
Comic for May 20, 2021
Comic for May 19, 2021
Comic for May 17, 2021


Exploring ZooKeeper-less Kafka
Helidon 2.3.0 released!
Proposed to target JDK 17: JEP 306: Restore Always-Strict Floating-Point Semantics
Demystifying Java Virtual Machine Memory Management
Can I get some reasons to use Java instead of Kotlin?

Inside Java

Need help testing new Selector implementation on Windows
JEP proposed to target JDK 17: 403: Strongly Encapsulate JDK Internals
JEP proposed to target JDK 17: 306: Restore Always-Strict Floating-Point Semantics
Updates to JEP 411: Deprecate the Security Manager for Removal
JEP proposed to target JDK 17: 406: Pattern Matching for switch (Preview)

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