Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 23/2022

29.05.2022 07:00:00

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2 EAP Is Open!
5 Best Programming Languages To Start Your Career in Software Development and Best Courses To Learn Them
How to Set Classpath for Java on Windows and Linux? Steps and Example
macOS Environment Setup For MAUI Development
Diagram Editors in Cloud IDEs

Agile & Testing

Article: The What and Why of Programmable Proxies
Chopping the monolith - the demo
Kalix: Build Serverless Cloud-Native Business-Crtical Applications with No Databases


Datafaker: An Alternative to Using Production Data
Java data access technology survey results
Java News Roundup: OpenJDK, Spring Updates and CVEs, Payara Platform, Apache Tomcat Updates
Preparing for Spring Boot 3.0
Google Jetpack Brings Updated Architectural and UI Components and Improved Performance Tools


Comic for May 24, 2022
Comic for May 27, 2022
Comic for May 23, 2022
Comic for May 25, 2022
Comic for May 26, 2022


IntelliJ will soon look like Visual Studio Code
Adoptium Marketplace Launches - Multiple OpenJDK Vendors
Dropwizard 2.1.0 has been released
What are some good blogs & resources about low level / high performance Java? ➜

Inside Java

Replacing Finalizers with Cleaners
Testing Clean Cleaner Cleanup
Scripting with Java - Sip of Java
JEP proposed to target JDK 19: 428: Structured Concurrency (Incubator)
Job Opportunity: Senior Software Quality Engineer - Security Libraries

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