Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 25/2020

14.06.2020 07:00:00

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


vert.x project: Eclipse Vert.x 4 milestone 5 released!
Why Frontend Developers should learn Firebase in 2020?
JetBrains Academy Subscription Model: Answering Your Questions
Inside Infra: Greg Stein --Part I
Mike Milinkovich: Eclipse Foundation Support for the Black Community

Agile & Testing

Why I (still) love Vaadin
User stories are not…
Working From Home – Cons and Pros
A New Dog
Sander Hoogendoorn @ Agile on the Beach Keynote – and discount


Java Records – How to use them with Hibernate and JPA
Spring Boot 2.3.1 available now
The path towards Spring Boot native applications
Spring Boot 2.1.15 available now
Vanilla Web Components at SpaceX


Comic for June 10, 2020
Comic for June 08, 2020
Comic for June 09, 2020
Comic for June 11, 2020
Comic for June 07, 2020


Performance of Modern Java on Data-Heavy Workloads
NetBeans 12.0 released
Contextual keywords coming to Java
Fault-tolerant and reliable messaging with Kafka and Spring Boot
Top Java Blogs of 2020

Inside Java

Be Aware of Your (Container) Surroundings
Virtual Threads use Preemptive Scheduling
How Oracle gathers feedback on new JDK functionality with preview, experimental, and incubating features
Oracle, Uppsala University, and KTH in joint JVM research projects

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