Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 3/2022

09.01.2022 07:57:58

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Fullstack Spring Boot + React.js Tutorial Example for Java Developers
Java Annotated Monthly – January 2022
.NET Annotated Monthly | January 2022
How to Merge sorted array in Java? Example Tutorial
How to use Spring Boot and MyBatis in Java? Example Tutorial

Agile & Testing

Paxos: using two consensus-building phases to handle unreliable nodes
Can you keep Agile and OKRs seperate?
Modularity and Performance


Hibernate Performance Tuning Tips – 2022 Edition
Spring Framework CVE-2021-22060 has been published
Java News Roundup: State of Project Valhalla by Brian Goetz, GlassFish 7.0-M1 and Project Loom Lab
This Week in Spring (11 year anniversary edition!) - January 4th, 2022
Echopraxia, a Better Java Logging API


Comic for January 07, 2022
Comic for January 03, 2022
Comic for January 02, 2022
Comic for January 06, 2022
Comic for January 04, 2022


Useful & Unknown Java Features - Piotr's TechBlog
Java leads job posts in Europe. Python leads US.
Log4Shell-like security hole found in popular Java SQL database engine H2
A refresher on modern low-level Java file I/O
This sneaky hacking group targets old Java applications to break into networks

Inside Java

Records Patterns, Performance and Serialization - JEP Café #8

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