Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 31/2022

24.07.2022 07:11:25

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Space On-Premises Beta Is Here
GoLand's Hidden Gems
Simplifying the Plugin-Publish Plugin
How to Profile .NET Code Using the dotMemory Plugin in Rider
PHP Annotated - July 2022

Agile & Testing

Writing your own service discovery client for Apache APISIX
Advocate, educator, and authorial stance


Spring Boot 2.7.2 available now
Spring Boot 3.0.0-M4 available now
Maximum number of database connections
Java News Roundup: Microsoft Joins MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, GlassFish, Payara, Micronaut
Spring Boot 2.6.10 available now


Comic for July 19, 2022
Comic for July 21, 2022
Capri Suns
Comic for July 18, 2022
Comic for July 17, 2022


How to effectively compose your business logic (using the latest Java features)
Java on Visual Studio Code Update – July 2022
Is there a reason to not use Spring Data JPA and Jackson in big projects?
Consolidating logging in your Java applications
Plans for Compile-time Null Pointer Safety?

Inside Java

Local Variable Type Inference FAQ
How many subclasses can be declared for a sealed class?
HotSpot Deep Dive - Safepoint
Clean Application Development with Records, Sealed Classes and Pattern Matching
Data-Oriented Programming - Inside Java Newscast #29

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