Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 36/2020

30.08.2020 07:00:00

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Top 10 Coursera Courses, Specializations, and Certification in 2020 - Best of Lot
Rohan Kumar: Java development on top of Kubernetes using Eclipse JKube
Top 10 Coursera Courses to learn Software Development and Computer Science in 2020 - Best of Lot
Christopher Guindon: Website Updates For Eclipse Foundation AISBL
Top 10 Coursera Certifications to learn Web Development - Best of Lot

Agile & Testing

Distributed Systems Pattern: Singular Update Queue
Handcrafting your own SVG
Article: Building Effective Microservices with gRPC, Ballerina, and Go
Presentation: Live Coding 12-Factor App
Better tests names using JUnit's display names generators


The Best of Java Interview Questions
This Week in Spring - August 25th, 2020
Case Study: Reading from a file and writing to MongoDB
Containerizing Java Applications with Jib
PostgreSQL audit logging using triggers


Comic for August 24, 2020
Comic for August 28, 2020
Comic for August 27, 2020
Comic for August 25, 2020
Standard Model Changes


The Java Version Almanac: Collection of information about the history and future of Java
I created a sample http server using Jetty with Project Loom
Intellij's built-in collaboration plugin EAP available
Oracle Developer Live: Java Edition (Virtual Conference)
Created My First Java Spring Boot Project Consuming Spotify's API

Inside Java

Finalizing in JDK 16 - Pattern matching for instanceof
Heap Snapshotting
Early steps on the road to customization
Java in 2020

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