Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 37/2022

04.09.2022 07:46:02

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Difference between @Mock and @MockBean in Spring Boot? Example Tutorial
IntelliJ IDEA Conf - Celebrating the developer community
9 Best System Design Interview Courses for Beginners and Experienced Software Developers
Difference between Proxy and State design Pattern in Java
Refactor code to use new C# language features

Agile & Testing

End-to-end tracing with OpenTelemetry
Owl: Meta's New Hot-Content Distribution System
Tips for Remote Work


Java News Roundup: JReleaser 1.2, Spring Batch, PrimeFaces, Quarkus, JobRunr, Apache Beam
Article: Java Champion James Ward on the State of Java and JVM Languages
A Distributed System is Knowable: an Impossible Thing for Developers
How to Plot an ASCII Bar Chart with SQL
The best way to fetch a Spring Data JPA DTO Projection


Comic for September 01, 2022
Comic for August 31, 2022
Comic for August 29, 2022
Comic for August 28, 2022
First Internet Interaction


Best practices for managing Java dependencies
Java 8 to 18: Most important changes in the Java Platform
Using java for the front-end of a web app in 2022
osci-render - Cross-platform, open-source oscilloscope music synthesizer written in Java
How to Do Kafka Testing With JMeter

Inside Java

Java 8 to 18: Most important changes in the Java Platform

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