Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 42/2017

22.10.2017 07:00:00

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


vert.x project: Vert.x 3.5.0 released !
State of Gradle Java 9 Support
itemis: About the Power of Open Source Development at Eclipse
Karsten Thoms: Next stop: EclipseCon Europe 2017
The Apache Software Foundation Announces Five Years of Apache® OpenOffice™ as a Top-Level Project

Agile & Testing

Migrating a Spring Boot application to Java 9 - Compatibility
Introducing Code Smells into Code
Reflections on learning and training (and dyslexia)


Top 10 Java Blogs for Programmers of All Levels
5 Ways Developers Waste More Than 20% of Their Work Week
Python jumps past Java, Javascript is still most popular language for GitHubbers
Meet Rafael Ponte
Are Open APIs changing the game? "Open banking APIs will not kill commercial APIs"


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