Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 48/2022

20.11.2022 07:00:00

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Introducing Test Suites
PhpStorm 2022.3 Beta 2
DataGrip 2023.3 EAP 3
Eclipse Announcements: JakartaOne Livestream - Agenda LIVE!
CLion 2022.3 Goes Beta

Agile & Testing

Spring Modulith: have we reached modularity maturity?
Using the cloud to scale Etsy
Podcast: The Future of Service Mesh with Jim Barton
Using CWs


Spring Framework 6.0 goes GA
Porting Million Lines of Code from Java to Kotlin at Meta
The Spring Data JPA findById Anti-Pattern
Java News Roundup: WildFly 27, Spring Release Candidates, JEPs for JDK 20, Project Reactor
Spring Data 2022.0 goes GA


Comic for November 14, 2022
Comic for November 13, 2022
Comic for November 16, 2022
Comic for November 18, 2022
Feature Comparison


Testcontainers: Testing with real dependencies
Inside Java Newscast - Generational ZGC
hypersistence optimizer worth it
[JDK-8288476] Support for primitive types in `instanceof` and type patterns A Mastodon Service for the Java community

Inside Java

Job Opportunity: Java Security Engineer
Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 20: Disable the Legacy Parallel Class Loading Workaround …
New candidate JEP: 437: Structured Concurrency (2nd Incubator)
New candidate JEP: 436: Virtual Threads (2nd Preview)
Script Friendly JDK Download URLs - Sip of Java

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