Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 51/2022

11.12.2022 07:30:37

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Update on JetBrains' Statement on Ukraine
Java Exception Handling Cheat Sheet
12 Database SQL Index Interview Questions and Answers
Ktor 2.2.1 (and 2.2.0) released
GoLand Turns 5 and Releases v2022.3!

Agile & Testing

Web resource caching: Server-side
The impact of a product delivery culture at Etsy
Installing Orbi Wifi Mesh broke my Sonos


The best UUID type for a database Primary Key
Resilience4j 2.0.0 Delivers Support for JDK 17
Java News Roundup: JEPs Targeted for JDK 20, AWS Introduces Lambda SnapStart Feature
A Bootiful Podcast: Vaadin's Marcus Hellberg on rich UIs, Spring Boot 3, GraalVM native images, and more
Payara Cloud Automates Jakarta EE Deployments to Kubernetes


Comic for December 07, 2022
Comic for December 04, 2022
Comic for December 06, 2022
Comic for December 08, 2022
Astronomy Numbers


java 19 in latest eclipse IDE
Java 20 - Sneak Peek on the Foreign Function & Memory API (2nd preview)
Java Usage Keeps Climbing, According to New Survey
Building and Deploying Java Client Desktop Applications with JDK 17 and Beyond
Modern Java Microservices in the Cloud • Andrzej Grzesik • Devoxx Poland 2022

Inside Java

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