Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 52/2021

19.12.2021 07:00:00

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


What is Log4j 2 issue? How to solve Log injection? [Tactical and Permanent Fix]
Dealing with the critical Log4j vulnerability
Log4j vulnerability and JetBrains Products and Services
Apache Log4j CVEs
What is @SpringBootTest annotation in Spring Boot? When and How to use it? Example Tutorial

Agile & Testing

How the advice process works in practice
Treat integration as strategic to your business
A tech landscape and current climate sensing tool - Your own Tech Radar
Podcast: API Lifecycles, Specifications, and Standards with Kin Lane
Native-image with Quarkus


The Best Spring Data JPA Logging Configuration in Spring Boot
Spring Framework 6.0 M1 released
Keep Your SQL in Check With Flight Recorder, JMC Agent and JfrUnit
Migrating a Spring Boot application to Java 17 - the hard way
Hibernate projects and Log4j CVE


Comic for December 15, 2021
Comic for December 14, 2021
Comic for December 13, 2021
Comic for December 16, 2021
Comic for December 12, 2021


Azul introduces remote compilation for Java
Log4Shell Remediation Cheat Sheet | Created by Java Champion and security researcher at Snyk
Apache Log4j 2.16 Released to Address Missed Edge Case
A tool for checking log4shell vulnerability mitigations
Eclipse 2021-12 Java IDE Improvements

Inside Java

Client Applications Configuration with Oracle JDK 11+
Loom Brings Structured Concurrency - Inside Java Newscast
Understanding Metaspace and Class Space GC Log Entries

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