Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 52/2022

18.12.2022 07:15:23

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Different ways to dockerize spring-app
How Counting Sort Work in Java? Example Tutorial
Why Programmers Should Learn Mathematics Again?
KotlinDL 0.5 Has Come to Android!
Introducing CDT cloud Blueprint

Agile & Testing

Switching to Go – First Impressions
Preparing to move away from Twitter


Java News Roundup: JDK 20 in Rampdown, JDK 21 Expert Group, Apache Tomcat, JakartaOne
Spring Framework 6.0.3 available now
Notice of Permissions Changes to, January 2023
Questions about JHipster, JHipster Lite, and Spring Boot 3
Spring Cloud Data Flow version 2.10.0 released


Comic for December 11, 2022
Comic for December 14, 2022
Comic for December 12, 2022
Comic for December 13, 2022
Optimal Bowling


GlassFish 7 released!
A faster way to build Spring Boot + React apps: Hilla
Unsafe deserialization in SnakeYaml - Exploring CVE-2022-1471
Just - a command line toolkit for developing Spring Boot application
Call for Discussion: New Project: Galahad

Inside Java

Running and Building Gradle with Different JDKs - Sip of Java
Building and Deploying Java Client Desktop Applications with JDK 17 and Beyond
24 Java Features You Missed In 2022 - Inside Java Newscast #39
Quality Outreach Heads-up - Valhalla: LW4 Early-Access Builds
Java Value Objects in Action with Valhalla - JEP Café #15

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