Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 53/2022

25.12.2022 07:00:00

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Ktor 2023 Roadmap
Difference between 32-bit and 64-bit JVM in Java?
IntelliJ IDEA 2022.3.1 is Out!
Top 10 Java idioms I wish I'd learned earlier
DataGrip Turns 7!

Agile & Testing

Finding accounts to follow on Mastodon
An immutable Mastodon handle
What's Not To Like About This Code? An Experiment.


Spring Batch 5.0 Delivers JDK 17 Baseline and Support for Native Java
Spring MDC Transaction Logging
Spring Boot 3.0.1 available now
Spring Boot 2.7.7 available now
OpenJDK Proposes Project Galahad to Merge GraalVM Native Compilation


Comic for December 22, 2022
Comic for December 24, 2022
Comic for December 21, 2022
Comic for December 20, 2022


Don't let your persistence layer bleed into your presentation layer
Java HTTP Server and Virtual Threads - Piotr's TechBlog
Async-profiler - manual by use cases
What tech stack do you use at work? What's your favourite one?
What challenges are there moving from Java 8 to 17?

Inside Java

Tutorial - Using Pattern Matching

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