Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 6/2018

11.02.2018 07:11:35

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


Success at Apache: A Newbie's Narrative
Java 9 has six weeks to live
Mike Milinkovich: Introducing the Working Group
More Bugs, Please
The Apache News Round-up: week ending 9 February 2018

Agile & Testing

Article: DevOps and Cloud InfoQ Trends Report - January 2018
Code First Java 9 Tutorial
Article: Building a CI System With Java 9 Modules and Vert.x Microservices
photostream 112
Podcast: Oliver Gould on Service Mesh for Microservices, LinkerD, and the Recently Released Conduit


20 Books Java Programmers Should Read in 2018
Software Design Principles
Creating Annotations in Java
Microservices in Java: Yay or nay?
Building RoaringBitmaps From Streams


Comic for February 09, 2018
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Comic for February 04, 2018

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