Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 6/2023

05.02.2023 08:00:02

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


C++ Ecosystem in 2022: Fast Adoption of C++17 and C++20, C++ Toolset Landscape, and Better Code Analysis Practices
10 Examples of Stream Class in Java 8 [ map + filter+ flatmap + collect + findFirst ]
Top 10 Oracle Interview Question and Answer - Database and SQL
3 Best ways to learn Angular Framework in 2023
Does Order of Multiple intercept-url's in Spring Security Matters?

Agile & Testing

Learning by doing: An HTTP API with Rust
Exploring Mastodon: status for February 2023
Remaining activities for the Data Mesh Accelerate Workshop


Mockito 5 Supports Mocking Constructors, Static Methods and Final Classes Out of the Box
The 2022 State of Spring Survey Report
Express Hibernate Queries as Type-Safe Java Streams
Implementing Infinite Scroll in jOOQ
Java News Roundup: JDK 20 in Rampdown Phase 2, New JEP Drafts, JobRunr 6.0, GraalVM 22.3.1


Comic for January 30, 2023
Comic for February 04, 2023
Comic for February 01, 2023
K-Means Clustering
Bursa of Fabricius


Useful & Unknown Java Libraries - Piotr's TechBlog
Oracle Java Price Hike Could Be an Opportunity for OpenJDK Vendors
JVM Field Guide: Memory
JDK enters 2023: plans for the year, first JEPs and Preview feature retrospective
Is learning and mastering Spring & Spring boot worth it in 2023 ?

Inside Java

Future Java - Prepare Your Codebase Now! - Inside Java Newscast #41
Java Modules in Real Life
Informational JEP: Preview Features: A Look Back, and A Look Ahead

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