Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 7/2021

07.02.2021 07:00:00

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The state of Go
1.4.30 Is Released With a New JVM Backend and Language and Multiplatform Features
Say Hello to Ktor Early Access Program and New Plugin
Tanja Obradovic: What a Difference a Year Makes! - Jakarta EE 2020 review
Denis Roy: Why Vendor Neutrality is important

Agile & Testing

Technical Debt: Engineers, you are not alone
The state of JVM desktop frameworks: TornadoFX
Podcast: Service Meshes and Linkerd with William Morgan
Deciphering An 11ty Error Message
Removing Duplication Deftly 1


GraalVM 21.0 Introduces a JVM Written in Java
How to Generate and Compile Sources at Runtime in Java
JFrog to shut down JCenter and Bintray
A Bootiful Podcast: RSocket legend and new Reactor team member Oleh Dokuka
Article: Virtual Panel: The MicroProfile Influence on Microservices Frameworks


Comic for February 02, 2021
Comic for February 01, 2021
Tower of Babel
Comic for February 06, 2021
Comic for February 05, 2021


Joy: a new implementation of Jakarta JSON
Talking to Postgres Through Java 16 Unix-Domain Socket Channels
JDK 16 is now in Release Candidate phase!
Red Hat ported OpenJDK to 64-bit ARM: A community history
Bintray (including JCenter) will be sunset on May 1st

Inside Java

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