Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 7/2022

06.02.2022 07:16:04

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Topics in January
IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 EAP Is Open!
Why String is Immutable or Final in Java? Explained
Marc Nuri: Eclipse JKube 1.6.0 is now available!
Entity Framework Core Inside Rider: UI Way

Agile & Testing

The Flatten Maven plugin
Building Infrastructure Platforms
Find out what infrastructure platform customers need Open Sources BumbleBee to Make eBPF Development Easier
Article: Managing Technical Debt in a Microservice Architecture


Hibernate 6 EmbeddableInstantiator – Instantiate embeddables your way
Java News Roundup: Loom and Panama Updates, Groovy 4.0, GraalVM 22.0 CE, Jakarta EE RPC
A Bootiful Podcast: Former Spring Data lead and architect extraordinaire, Oliver Drotbohm
Spring Shell 2.1.0-M2 is now available
AWS Lambda: The Impact of Reflection and Annotations on AWS Lambda's Performance


Comic for January 31, 2022
Comic for February 01, 2022
Comic for February 02, 2022
Comic for February 04, 2022
Comic for January 30, 2022


Hibernate 6 rc1 released!
Create native JavaFX applications using GraalVM 22 builds
Datafaker 1.1.0 is released, with more features and fewer dependencies
new panama/foreign EA
Understanding Java Compilation: From Bytecodes to Machine Code in the JVM

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