Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 7/2023

12.02.2023 07:06:10

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


The K2 Compiler is going stable in Kotlin 2.0
Pattern Matching in Java – 5 Examples for Busy Developers
Compact Mode for the New UI, Better Performance With Windows Defender, and Docker and Kubernetes Updates in GoLand 2023.1 EAP #3
Update Regarding Kotlin/Native Targets
PhpStorm 2023.1 EAP #3: New Inspections

Agile & Testing

An example of modularizing a React application
Modularizing React Applications with Established UI Patterns
Securing Admin access to Apache APISIX
Comparing Engagement on Twitter and the Fediverse


Java Records as Embeddables with Hibernate 6
Microsoft OpenJDK Introduces Experimental Feature for Improving Escape Analysis
The Performance Impact of SQL's FILTER Clause
JobRunr, the Java Scheduler Library, Released Version 6.0
Java News Roundup: Helidon 4.0-Alpha4, Spring, GlassFish, Quarkus, Ktor, (Re)Introducing RIFE2


Comic for February 07, 2023
Comic for February 10, 2023
Comic for February 08, 2023
Comic for February 09, 2023
Electron Color


Advanced IntelliJ debugger features you're missing out on
Datafaker 1.8.0 released
Nullness markers to enable flattening [Valhalla Spec Experts]
Integration TornadoVM with ApacheFlink enables seamless hardware acceleration of unmodified user code!
What good are Record Patterns in Java? An example based on Spark's Catalyst Optimizer and it's Tree Rewriting Rules

Inside Java

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