Top Java Blogs Weekly: Best of 9/2022

20.02.2022 07:17:22

Top Java Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:


How long does It take to Learn Python Programming Language?
InfoQ Eclipse feed: Eclipse Collections 11.0.0 Features New APIs and Functionality
Fallacies of AI Driven Coding
Building tools with – an experience report
JetBrains .NET Day Online 2022 - Call for Speakers

Agile & Testing

System Logger
Article: 7 Ways to Fail at Microservices
HashiCorp Consul on Amazon ECS Adds Development Kit and Support for High Traffic Loads
Article: Data Patterns on Edge
Mini book: The Angular Mini-Book


Spring Framework 5.3.16 available now
The Angular Mini-Book 2.0 is now available!
Spring Cloud 2021.0.1 Has Been Released
jOOQ 3.16 and Java EE vs Jakarta EE
A beginner's guide to Serializability


Comic for February 15, 2022
Comic for February 17, 2022
Comic for February 13, 2022
Comic for February 16, 2022
Comic for February 14, 2022


Quarkus 2.7.1 Released - But Why Quarkus?
Microhttp is an event-driven, single-threaded, zero-dependency web server with 500 LOC. Benchmarks on EC2 show 100,000+ requests per second and 50,000+ persistent connections.
JDK 18 - Card Table Card Size Shenanigans
Java records & compact constructors
Virtual thread (along with Structured concurrency and Scope Local) is previewing in JDK19?

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